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Your Age Cannot Stop You From Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Your age cannot stop you from becoming successful, it never stops me so why will it stop you. As an IT consultant, coach and entrepreneur, I train students on a regular basis through my Entrepreneurship and ICT Capacity Building Training in partnership with Brekete Family.

One of my previous students contacted me and expressed major dissatisfaction with his current situation. Sir, I am continuously underestimated as a young entrepreneur, he added. People always assume that because of my age or appearance, I am too young to handle their projects.

I could tell he was frustrated and expected me to concur with his decision. But I told him about some of the great names in business and industry who started when he was his age, and I decided to give him a few pointers.

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Technology does not work with people of a specific age group. Either the solution lacks a critical age component that allows it to be delivered as a service to a specific client.

Regardless of your age, race, or religious beliefs, whether you’re thinking of beginning a side hustle or have been working at your craft for years.

ageAll you have to do now is acquire and build more entrepreneurship abilities that will help you to make a difference and allow you to ascend to heights that your age cannot.

Am starting with education first as a pointer, because I discovered that many youths nowadays derive inspiration from this set of individuals who could not go to school, and they are multi-millionaires, so they feel education should pack one corner.


Check out the three-pointers that I have for you, which I also share with my student.

1. Make an investment in your education.

Knowledge is power, and seeking out knowledge in all of its forms is the finest way to empower oneself. When considering what education means to you, try to think beyond the traditional high school-to-college pipeline and instead get creative with all of the possibilities accessible to you.

Don’t try to fit all of your knowledge into one small box; instead, look for the lessons and tools you need, invest in getting them, and watch your business grow, no matter your age.

This will necessitate some soul-searching. Consider how you’ve discovered you learn best. A local college program or a structured online course may be right for you if you know you thrive in a classroom setting and manage assignments well.

Find a mentor in your business who is willing to share their time and expertise if you prefer sitting down with someone and learning from their experiences.

If you want a little bit of both, a coaching program that teaches you skills while giving you the freedom to learn at your own speed could be the ideal fit for you.

2. Pick your first hire with care.

Someone who is dedicated to selling your brand and goods is required. Without someone with experience performing the heavy work for you, it will be difficult to achieve the degree of success and financial freedom that you desire.

You’ll need to think about what kind of individual would be the ideal fit for your objectives and dreams, and then go about putting that person in that position. Bringing the perfect individual on board will require a lot of trial and error, but once you do, it will feel like a miracle.

Making new hiring, creating a new job, or scaling up your business from a one-man show to a team of two can be a daunting task. However, you’re making an investment in your product, company, and brand, and the perfect candidate will recognize this and want to be a part of your success.

Taking that step will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your company, and it’ll open up a world of possibilities you’d never have had access to otherwise.

3. Establish and Nurture Partnerships

In a conversation with my student, I told him one of the best – and quickest – lessons I learned when I first started my entrepreneurship journey was the value of partnerships, which I recognized early on and which has helped me flourish as an entrepreneur.

ageYou’d be amazed how much your relationships and mentorships can help your business grow, so don’t be hesitant to seek out both – and plenty of them – as you expand your business.

My connection with a fellow entrepreneur is one of the nicest things that has come out of my openness to create genuine partnerships. Above all, the most important lesson I gained is one that is difficult to quantify.

I learned to trust my instincts and faith in my ability to succeed, even when it appeared impossible. We gain nothing by putting ourselves on the back burner, and while the three lessons above were undoubtedly learned through life’s school of hard knocks, I wouldn’t alter a thing.

Because I was eager to learn from all of my experiences, I and my company have grown stronger. And I had no recollection of being that young at the time.

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I was determined to succeed, and no one, no matter what they said, has ever discouraged me, never made me question if I was ready for such a skill at my age, or whether I was not up to the standard of people in charge of such a project.

I basically took these three points into consideration and approached the industry as if it were the last battle I had to fight in order to succeed as an entrepreneur.

And I’ve never had to look back with regret; rather, I’ve been and will always be grateful to God for believing in me all along, and so should you.

Thank you for reading till the end. It simply tells me that you are not ready to settle for less. To help you stay connected with me and my blog, here is the link to my Android Mobile App from Google Play Store, Please Download and install.

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