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Who Do You Think The Wealthiest Bitcoin Owners Are?

Bitcoin had a worth of less than ten cents when it initially emerged. The same cryptocurrency, though, was trading for $13,000 nine years later. It has gone a long way and has aided in the creation of billionaires. The following is a list of the wealthiest Bitcoin owners.

Satoshi Nakamoto

This is the name of the person who invented cryptography. He is still the largest currency owner and one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. He is reported to hold about 1.1 million Bitcoins, which translates to $6 billion if you do the arithmetic.

Most of these Bitcoins have not been converted to flat money by Satoshi. According to some analysts, if this person decided to sell all of his or her Bitcoins, the price of Bitcoin would quickly drop.


The country now has a large number of Bitcoins, making it one of the largest holders. Following several searches on criminal groups, law enforcement officials seized 213,519 Bitcoins.

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This money could be used to pay down 14% of the national debt. If we do the arithmetic, we’ll come up with a figure of approximately $1.2 billion. The administration has not made any information regarding the cryptocurrency public.


This is a cryptocurrency exchange that also owns the world’s largest Bitcoin wallets. There are 163,133.38 Bitcoins in circulation, which is around $1 billion. Many people feel they are safe since they are kept in a chilly wallet.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

It is one of the wealthiest cryptocurrency owners. It has been stealing criminals’ digital assets and slowly but steadily amassing a large amount of BTC. They seized 144,000 dollars from Ross Ulbricht, the creator and operator of the dark web bazaar.

He is said to have made a few of errors that allowed the FBI to track him out and apprehend him. Over 9.5 million Bitcoins are reported to have been exchanged on Silk Road.

The Winklevoss Twins

They are well-known for becoming the world’s first Bitcoin billionaires. The world first heard of them after they sued Mark Zuckerberg, alleging that he had stolen their concept for Facebook.

They were awarded $65 million in compensation, and a portion of it was used to purchase 1.5 million Bitcoins. Since then, their value has increased by almost 20 000 percent.

Some speculate that such individuals presently possess 1% of total Bitcoins. Their combined net worth is $400 million. They established Windex and made a significant investment in BitInstant.

Andresen, Garvin

Garvin Andresen is widely credited with bringing Bitcoin to its current position. Many people believe he is in fact Nakamoto. He denies it and claims they are only old pals.

He became the principal developer for the open-source code used in cryptography after being chosen as a successor by Nakamoto. At one point, his salary exceeded $200,000, and he was paid in Bitcoins by the Bitcoin Foundation. Garvin is well-known for cashing out large sums of money.

Roger Ver

He was one of the first Bitcoin millionaires, and many people believe he now possesses more than 100,000 Bitcoins. According to rumors, he dropped out of college to focus on his Bitcoin initiatives.

His vision differs from that of many other billionaires in that he envisions a future in which everyone controls their own lives and is free to pursue anything they choose. He is presently residing on a remote Caribbean island.


More than 153,000 BTC addresses with more than 10 Bitcoins are thought to exist. All of the wealthy individuals on the list, coupled with the hundreds of addresses, account for less than 1% of the total Bitcoin accessible today. Isn’t it crazy?

Please feel free to provide update because i know that in few hours all the list above can change, so let us have your opinion.

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