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Writers May Use Facebook Bulletin To Start Newsletters And Earn Money From Subscriptions

Facebook bulletin is basically Facebook’s newsletter subscription service that allows you to read and subscribe to articles you’re interested in while also allowing writers to earn money by charging for access to their unique content on the site.

It’s a competitor to Substack and Revue, which is owned by Twitter, and it focuses on content development, monetization, and audience growth.

Some items on Facebook Bulletin are free to read, while others require a subscription, with paid subscribers receiving additional benefits such as specialized Facebook Groups and special badges.

Bulletin is developed on its own platform — on its website @ — but it uses Facebook’s infrastructure, such as Facebook comments, Facebook groups that are exclusively visible to users, and the usage of Facebook Pay to process premium subscription fees.

Creators will be able to set their own paid subscription prices on Facebook Bulletin, as well as carry their subscriber lists and content with them.

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They can cultivate a community of readers by creating free or subscriber-only Facebook groups. They’ll also be able to publish subscriber-only content and have subscriber-only conversations within their groups.

Writers will be able to use existing Facebook features like Facebook Live and Live Audio Rooms to continue the conversation with their audiences.

Comment moderation features, such as the ability for writers to select who can comment (such as paying subscribers only) and turn off comments, will be available to help writers keep debates civilized.

Each Bulletin maker will have their own standalone website with their own brand and will be able to customize the name, logo, and color palette of their magazine.

They will also get access to analytics tools that will assist them in better understanding their audience and growing their subscriber base over time.

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Facebook Bulletin content will be eligible for distribution in Facebook News and other discovery surfaces, making it easier for audiences to access articles, podcasts, and other content from a wide range of creators covering the issues and communities they care about.

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Facebook Bulletin

Facebook will not take a percentage from creators at launch, according to the FAQ on Facebook Bulletin. Facebook has not stated when or how much it will charge authors in the future as of the time of writing this post.

For comparison, Revue, which was recently acquired by Twitter, presently takes 5% of the market, while Substack takes 10%. The need to signup is needed asap to benefit from the Facebook Bulletin.

You cannot register as a writer on at this moment because the service is still in beta, but if you’re interested in introducing subscriptions to your audience and monetizing your material, it could be a smart idea to keep a watch on how the platform develops and evolves.

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