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The Importance of a Father and the Vital Role They Play

Anyone can father a child, but it takes a lifetime to be a father. Fathers perform a unique role in the lives of their children that no one else can fill. This function has a significant impact on a child’s development and can help mold him or her into the person they become.

So I will be discussing two-section today, on fatherhood and the responsibilities any father must put in place to be able to provide for your kids even when you are gone to be with our heavingly father in heaven.

The First is the Fatherhood Role:

Emotional Development and Fathers

Fathers, like mothers, play an important role in a child’s emotional development. Children look to their fathers to set and enforce the rules. They also look to their fathers to give them a sense of physical and emotional safety.

Children desire to please their fathers, and a supportive father encourages inner growth and strength.

According to studies, fathers who are affectionate and supportive of their children have a significant impact on their cognitive and social development. It also gives you a general sense of well-being and self-assurance.


Fathers Set the Standard for Interpersonal Relationships

Fathers shape not only who we are on the inside, but also how we interact with others as we grow up. What a father looks for in other people is influenced by how he treats his child.

Friends, lovers, and spouses will all be picked depending on the child’s perception of the significance of his or her father’s relationship. The patterns that a father establishes in his interactions with his children will determine how his children interact with others.

The Relationship Between Fathers and Daughters

For the protection and emotional support, young girls go to their fathers. A father demonstrates how to have a nice connection with a man to his daughter.

When a daughter is old enough to date, she will look for those qualities in men if her father is kind and compassionate. If a father is brave and strong, his daughter will be drawn to men with similar qualities.

Sons and their Fathers

Boys model themselves after their father’s character, unlike girls, who model their connections with others after their father’s character. From a young age, boys will seek acceptance from their fathers.

We learn to function in the world by mimicking the conduct of those around us as we grow up as human beings. If a father is concerned about his children’s well-being and treats them with respect, the young boy will follow in his footsteps.

When their father isn’t there, young boys look to other masculine figures to set the “rules” for how to act and survive in the world.

The Second is the Fatherhood Responsibilities for the Family:

Have Monetary Discussions

It’s also a wonderful moment for fathers to reflect on their vital role in the family, take stock, and carefully evaluate their obligations by taking important financial steps to protect their families.


Money is a major source of conflict in relationships and marriages. Keeping your financial troubles hidden exacerbates the situation and jeopardizes the fabric and durability of your relationship.

Discuss any concerns you have with your partner, since sharing the burden makes it easier to bear. And if you have a lot of money and keep it hidden from your spouse, it can generate suspicion and damage your relationship.

Have Emergency Money Set Aside

You should have enough money in your emergency fund to cover at least six months’ worth of living expenditures. If you can’t do that right now, start small but methodically. Have a fixed amount placed away for savings each month as soon as your salary is credited. The most simple method to do this is to automate your savings.

Examine your Insurance Policy

For fathers, life insurance is essential. We have a tendency to believe that bad things won’t happen to us, and far too many individuals don’t realize they need insurance until they have a severe disaster or setback, at which point the consequences of inadequate insurance coverage become obvious.

Failure to acquire proper insurance coverage can jeopardize your financial future and place you and your loved ones in a dire scenario in a moment, no matter how careful you are with your finances.

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Automobile, home, health, and life insurance are just a few of the plans available to protect you and your loved ones. There are educational plans that urge you to save money for several years before you actually need it.

Make Educational Plans for your Children

For the vast majority of parents, paying for their children’s education is one of the most significant expenses they will ever incur, and it must be well managed.

It may seem like a lifetime away when you consider your young children’s future education. However, with escalating educational costs, funding the massive expenses for secondary and postsecondary education may be a difficulty if good investments are not made early.

As a father, when your children are young, you have the advantage of the time to choose assets that will provide higher long-term returns. To save the money you’ll need to educate them and give them the best chance in life, you’ll need discipline, consistency, and sacrifice.

People Who are Related to you

In Western cultures, the spouse is the most obvious candidate for next of kin; for example, a man’s mother is usually the one in whom he invests the most faith. In Nigeria, however, a man’s brother is frequently chosen as his next of kin.

Given the traditional extended family system, where other family members can frequently forcefully claim their brother’s property, declaring the wife you’re next of kin will save her and the children a lot of grief in the event of the husband’s death.

There are several cases of widows dealing with the loss of not just their spouse but also all of their personal belongings and property. Many people believe that their spouse will automatically become the beneficiary of their estate if they die.

Your property will not just pass to your spouse if you die intestate, that is, without making a will; the law prioritizes your next of kin, and your property will be allocated according to intestacy laws, which may differ from state to state.

Have an Estate Strategy in Place

Only by putting in place a clear estate planning process can you protect your immediate family, including your wife and children, and ensure that your investments, property, and other assets do not end up in the wrong hands if you die away unexpectedly.

Review and amend your will, trust, and other estate planning documents on a regular basis to ensure that they reflect your current situation and wishes; for example, you may have had more children, want to include additional beneficiaries, or have acquired additional assets and sold some.

Examine your Beneficiary Choices

It is critical to review beneficiary designations on a regular basis, say once a year, to ensure that they are accurate. You’ve probably had to fill out a form or other papers where you had to explicitly indicate your next of kin at some point.

Many people do not take this designation seriously, and as time passes, they may even forget who they named.

You Should Appoint a Guardian for your Children

Imagining the worst-case scenario is something that no one wants to do. However, if you and your husband both pass away, you want to know that your children will be well cared for.

Some couples are split on who should play that role: his brother, her sister, or a friend. If you haven’t made your preferences known, the court will designate someone to raise your children without your input; it may be someone you don’t want.

You as a father should think about where the guardians reside, their financial status, how many children they have, how their children are raised, and their spouse, among other things.

Sit down with your spouse and examine the advantages and disadvantages of several possibilities before making a decision that you can incorporate into your will. So that the guards are not caught off guard, inform them.

Finally, no amount of money can replace the time spent establishing, building, and sustaining connections with your children and partner. Make time for it. Make your role as a father be played well so that when you are gone, your legacy will live on.

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