For you to get the best out of this investment tips, you must make sure you Watch / Listen / Read till the end.

What am about to share with you is something you already know but maybe you never see it as important as to what can bring you daily income.

Maybe you felt you need so much money to start, or maybe you are just procrastinating, today, tomorrow, or let me just settle some stuffs first. I have good news for you, I have compile 5 simple but positive investment you can do for yourself today for free.

Invest in yourself.

As simple as this word invest in yourself is, many people still don’t take advantage of the very common sense it presents, but most people do. The most important investment you can ever make is the investment in yourself.

Now I don’t mean the expensive clothe, jewelry, luxurious cars, ETC. No, not that once. Those are liability…..they don’t bring money to you. Am talking about investments that are assets…they bring lots of money to you.

This is the only investment that can truly guarantee you 1000% returns. Why’s that? The better you become, the more money you can make. Every other thing can be stolen from you but the investment in self cannot be taken away. Most people don’t know that more money follows competence, courage and consistency. The better you become, the more money you can make.

2. Invest to learn a high income skill

There is a huge difference between a high income job (like shell), a high income profession (like Medicine) and a high income skill (like copywriting)

The first two requires longer time, training and resources. The last one can be learnt in months and the rewards are equal, if not greater. Believe it or not, like it or not, there are programmers (high income skill) who earn a lot more than lawyers (I call them high income profession)

My advice to you is, learn a high income skill that can help you fetch more money.
Invest in courses and trainings. Become the best by giving the best…..not your best oo

3. Invest to create daily streams of income.

Daily streams of income are businesses that bring in cash on a daily basis. Even if it is 1k a day, it is better than nothing or waiting at the end of the month. If you don’t find a way to make money daily, poverty will find a way to meet you daily.

The most common daily streams of income are selling digital products in the form of eBooks, work books, courses and videos or training people online.

I have daily streams of income. I sell digital products, I do digital trainings and I set up upwork accounts. Invest in creating a digital product or reselling one that works. Rendering IT related services, developing of softwares, mobile apps, website and ICT training, seminars and workshop.

For example, I paid N20,000 to learn how to approve upwork accounts and in 3 months I made more than N500.000 from that one. This opportunities are real, try to research them yourself.

4. Invest to start a supplementary business

Supplementary businesses are businesses you start by leveraging in an already existing business or traffic. For example, if someone is selling akara, partner with them so that they can sell bread on your behalf. That’s just the idea.

Here’s another example if the one above is not clear enough, if someone is selling cements partner with them so that they can sell your blocks on your behalf. You can think out more examples oo that suite you.

Look for where the traffic is and leverage on it. It is a model I’ve used over and over to reap passive streams of income.

5. Invest in an agency business.

If you have a skill and you know how to get clients easily, gather people, train them and let them work for you. This is what Ushering agencies do. This is what writing agencies do. Same thing security agencies do.

Your own agency can do this as well, if you take that bold step. What can you bring people together and offer? Invest in it. So make sure you take advantage of the listed investment and start today, start now.