How To Use Canva For Your Branding

Adus Michael

Having time for ourselves is a prerequisite to sessions of self-reflection and redefining goals. We can use the pause on all the things usually occupying our minds to reassess the direction we are going and evaluate if we are on the right track or need a drastic (or mild) change. Is our current lifestyle making us happy or are we missing something and not living up to the full potential of life and our desires?

It is also a great opportunity to reflect on our personalities and identify personal strengths and weaknesses to work with. Personal (and professional) development is a constant process – getting stuck in the loop and forgetting to realign our goals and plan of action can cost us true happiness and fulfillment.

This why i put up a video that you can guide through learning the online graphics design that you use for yourself and for business.

Canva is an online graphics design platform that allow you to create virtually anything design-able for free. A platform that has given newbies the opportunity and a landing page to learn new skill without stressing their brain. All template and resources are free to use and share.


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April 27, 2020

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