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Procedures to Starting a Keke Napep Business Without Driving The Tricycle Yourself

The procedures to starting a Keke Napep business here in my beloved country Nigeria are outlined in this article. Tricycles business is one of the most popular modes of transportation in Nigeria today.

I know a lot of individuals who have been making amazing income from it here in Abuja. And some heavily crowded cities, such as Lagos, are in desperate need of this transportation as well as other cities around the globe.

So Starting a Business in this Field would be Excellent if you follow my Procedures

Another mode of transportation, the motorcycle, often known as the “Okada,” is causing numerous accidents, many of which result in fatalities. As a result, many people are fleeing it and flocking to Keke Napep, where they believe it is considerably safer.

Even though governments have made the required steps to introduce some transit systems, such as BRT in Lagos and railways in other regions of the country, the number of people usually seen waiting for buses at bus stops in the morning and late evenings has not decreased.

Aside from that, commercial buses are still prohibited from entering various regions of the country’s interior. Residents of such areas are forced to walk a great distance before boarding a bus to their places of business. It becomes clear that everyone who enters the Keke Napep business will succeed.

All that is required is for the individual to gain the relevant business expertise and begin producing money. For more information, please go here. In Nigeria, there is a tricycle business.

Keke Napep

You must have a thorough understanding of the Keke Napep business before venturing into it, just as you must have a thorough understanding of any other industry. Otherwise, you will be a failure in that line of business.

I’m going to guide you through some of the actions you’ll need to do to establish your own Keke Napep business in Nigeria. Let’s have a look at how to get started with it.

Purchase your Keke

The first step is to purchase the Keke Napep, which will be used by your transportation company. It is simply N900,000 in price.

You Can Purchase Used Keke Napep

It is sometimes preferable to purchase a used Keke Napep, however, given the financial constraints, you may prefer to get a fairly used Keke Napep, which costs between N180,000 and N240,000.

The new one is excellent, but you can save money by purchasing a slightly used Keke instead of a completely new one.


Because not everyone can afford to buy a Keke, if you don’t have the funds, you can choose a hire purchase option. Leasing costs around N650,000, with a weekly payment of N15,000 for a period of ten months.

It is not truly set at that price; you can still meet with your hire buyer and discuss payment options.

Become a member of the Keke Business Association.

Riders of Keke Napep belong to an organization, so join them as soon as you obtain your Keke. This assures that you have some security measures in place, and registration costs N5,000.

Aside from the registration fee, you will be required to pay the association a set amount of money on a daily basis; you must budget for this.

Run the company on your own

When you run the Keke Napep business on your own, the profit you make on a daily basis will motivate you. Giving it to someone else to operate the firm may not return as much profit as doing it yourself. This is because some people are dishonest and may try to divert some of the profits.

Make More Keke Provisions

You might elect to go after more Keke Napep as you continue. In this instance, you’ll need to hire someone to help you run your business because you can’t drive two cars at the same time. Because you’re in business, it’ll be simple to keep an eye on the other individual.

Create a new account for it.

The greatest thing you can do is keep your personal and professional accounts separate. This can help you keep track of how your company is progressing. To be able to keep this account and avoid spending money from it in any case, you must exercise self-discipline.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance

Lack of maintenance is one of the issues that plague Keke Napep’s business. Some people would drive it for a long time without bothering to have it checked by a Keke technician.

The machine’s lifespan is extended and fuel consumption is reduced when it is checked on a regular basis. For example, if the carburetor is in good working order, you can spend only N1,000 on fuel for the entire day, but if it is not, you would need more.

Maintenance is inexpensive and parts are readily available, so don’t put it off to save money on repairs.

Agree on remittance methods If You Employ A Driver,

Before the driver resumes driving, you must agree on the mode of remittance to use. In this case, two factors are taken into account: (i) Is the driver available on Saturdays and Sundays? (ii) Is the Keke in good condition at the time of purchase?

The placement of the Keke Napep plies has an impact on the amount to be remitted. If the location is busy and there are many passengers, the turnout should be high; but, if there are few people, the turnout may not be as great.

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In that situation, it’s best to look for a neighborhood with a lot of people who use public transportation.

Another example is Keke Napep’s current state.

If it is in good working order, it will almost certainly boost turnover; however, if it is not, the bulk of the earnings will be spent on repairs, and the majority of the time it is scheduled to be on the road will be spent at a mechanic’s shop.

Once you’ve decided on this, write down the amount he should send and stick to it.

The Keke Napep company is a tremendously profitable venture.

Rather than moaning about not having enough jobs, one can easily enter the business and become a billionaire in a short period of time. Simply follow the methods outlined above, and you’ll be off to a great start in this lucrative career.

Thank you for reading till the end. It simply tells me that you are not ready to settle for less. To help you stay connected with me and my blog, here is the link to my Android Mobile App from Google Play Store, Please Download and install.

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