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Welcome to my podcast platform where i share tips and tech ideas that will add value to your new found skill or existing skills. Once in a while i bring in experts that are authorities in their various profession to educate and open your eyes to businesses that has great opportunities which are available online.

E Get Some Kain Character Way You Must Stop If You Go Like Succeed

by Adus Michael | Season 1, Episode 1

Za Online Ambassador Podcast

Hi, I am Adus Michael! I am a Website Designer and a Mobile App Developer, A Cyber Security Expert, An SEO Expert, A Digital Marketing & A Social Media Influencer, An ICT Consultant, A Content Developer & A Software Developer. I am here to help you become an expert in any of the fields listed. On this podcast portal you will learn new skills and amazing opportunity with online business, entrepreneurship, startups and many more.

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Revealing 5 Positive High Paying Investments

I have compile 5 simple but positive investment you can do for yourself today for free, take a listen.

Season 1, Episode 2    |    10:17min

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Adus Michael

Adus Michael

The idea of this platform is to bring in experts in different profession that will add value to the segment. We will be covering topics from business development and management, new startups, tech business, online business, social media influencing, digital marketing, copy-writing, entrepreneurship, coaching and mentoring, virtual assistance services, web development, mobile app design, cyber security, call center deployment, software development, CRM, and custom design.

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