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Here’s How To Get More Organic Followers On Instagram

Welcome to WealthPreneurship with Adus Michael. If you are reading this post, I guest you are looking for how you can start getting a lot of Instagram followers. To ask further, are you also looking for a way to keep your audience for the long haul?

If yes, then you’ll find amazing smart strategies in this post to help you grow, engage, and maintain your Instagram followers so you don’t lose them.

What Makes Instagram So Popular?

Let’s clarify our words before moving on to the actual advice. What is the definition of participation? And how does it affect your Instagram account?

When someone interacts with your content or profile, they are said to be engaged. Your engagement rate is strong if a large number of your Instagram followers reply to you. You could have an issue with engagement if you have a huge audience but few interactions.

Low involvement, in fact, can lead to long-term consequences. Instagram’s algorithm decides which posts to show by evaluating whether your material is relevant and engaging to your followers on a regular basis.

As a result, if no one engages with your material, the algorithm will consider it low-priority, and your total reach will decrease.


It’s not only about keeping a large audience, though. Engagement is also a good indicator of whether or not a customer will buy from you. When it comes down to it, that’s the most important thing for most businesses on social media.

Not sure if your Instagram engagement is at a healthy level?

For that, there’s a fast calculation you may use. Divide the average number of likes and comments from your most recent posts by the number of people that follow you. To get a percentage, multiply this value by 100.

The average Instagram engagement rate is between 1% and 5%. You’re doing fantastic if you obtain more than 5%. If your engagement rate is less than 1%… This article is here to assist you.

It’s worth noting, though, that likes and comments aren’t the only types of interaction you may obtain. They’re an effective measure, but there’s a lot more to choose from. Let’s take a closer look.

Various Forms of Instagram Engagement. Instagram interaction may take many various forms, each of which might serve different purposes or provide different information about your audience.

Here’s a short rundown:

Likes are the most fundamental kind of Instagram interaction. They’re a good indicator of engagement, but they don’t require much work from your audience.

Comments indicate a higher degree of participation. They can also serve as a source of inspiration and knowledge.

Shares through DM or Story show that your material has piqued people’s interest and they want to reply. Make sure that all of your posts are set to allow sharing. Instagram’s version of bookmarks are saves.

They’re becoming more widely recognized as an indicator for high-quality interaction.
Followers also demonstrate that your content is having an impact, assisting in the growth and retention of your audience over time.

Users may either tag you in their posts or tag their friends in your posts, which is how mentions operate. Both sorts of mentions imply a high degree of participation.

Profile visits are an important measure that is sometimes overlooked. If someone clicks over to your profile after seeing your content, they’re interested in knowing more about your company.

Although link clicks are only accessible for certain types of Instagram posts, they are a very important engagement. The only form of conversion that takes people off of social media and onto your website is link clicks.

Open your Instagram Insights and tap on Post Insights for specific posts to discover more about interaction. A screen will appear, listing the number of various encounters and providing a total.


It also gives you the percentage of accounts reached who already follow you, as well as whether people found the post using hashtags or straight from your profile, which is quite valuable.

Now that you know how Instagram engagement works, you can use community, engagement, and interaction to keep your audience engaged.

Make an Instagram posting schedule that you stick to.

Showing up is the most important aspect in your Instagram success. Day after day, after day. Week after week, after week. Month after month, year after year.

It’s simpler to keep blogging when you have a regular posting schedule. It’s simpler to organize your material ahead of time when you have a defined structure to work with.

For instance, you may decide to post a customer review every Monday, a highlighted product every Wednesday, and a behind-the-scenes film every Friday.

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Make things as simple as possible for yourself by using the tools offered. First, look at your Instagram Insights to see when and where your followers are most active. You may easily increase interaction by posting at opportune times.

The majority of individuals are active during working hours and in the evenings on weekdays. However, your target audience may vary over time.

Second, to save time—and your sanity—use scheduling tools. You could have a centralized scheduling tool if you manage many social networks. If all you want to do is post to Instagram and Facebook, Facebook’s Creator Studio is a good free choice.

You can plan IGTV videos and posts, as well as backdate them, and use advanced tools like picture editing, tagging, and alt text.

Make sure there are pauses in your posting schedule as well. By publishing too frequently and flooding your audience’s feeds, you don’t want to induce follower fatigue. Too much content might cause consumers to get irritated, resulting in a decline in engagement.

Post something on Instagram that no one else can see.

Followers on Instagram have chosen to follow you. They could have gone with anybody else, but they went with you. Why? Because you’re one-of-a-kind. Your products or services, brand image, customer service, and values all appealed to them in some way.

The key to high Instagram interaction is to concentrate on what makes you stand out. Make an effort to share material that no one else has access to. Share your in-depth expertise in your field.Instagram

Show what goes on behind the scenes of your company. Create a profile for each of your workers. Offer advise that can only come from your own company expertise. Because it is thorough, useful, and irreplaceable, this type of material will keep visitors coming back.

Promote Instagram’s User-Generated Content

It takes a lot of effort to create truly distinctive, attention-getting material on Instagram. Fortunately, you may take a break by including other types of information into the mix. Remember, you still want to show off what makes your company distinctive… but the content creation may be outsourced.

We’re talking about user-generated material, of course (UGC). Comments, reviews, unboxings, suggestions, photographs, and more are all examples of what people generate in reaction to your business.

Pro Tip: Make sure your account’s privacy settings are updated so that anybody may tag you in their postings. If you leave this setting turned off, you may lose out on new content that is valuable.

Increase the length of your Instagram captions

Look, it’s been decades since anyone on the internet utilized text-speak. And, as much as I enjoy a nice emoji, nothing beats a well-written commentary.

And the more time you have, the better. Currently, the typical Instagram post is little around 500 characters long. However, the social networking site provides you about 2,200 characters to work with. That’s nearly ten times Twitter’s character limit.

Long captions are growing more common as Instagram content shifts toward photo carousels and videos, which take longer to digest. Don’t just send a cryptic message with a few emoticons. Make up a tale.

For example, this Instagram post contains a long description with a lot of hashtags and mentions to increase its reach.

Longer Instagram captions will capture more of your followers’ attention, provide more possibilities for them to comment, and keep them returning as they refer to the post. You want to write a caption that encourages readers to bookmark the post, whether it’s inspiring, educational, or an interesting discussion.

Make Inquiries

Everyone has an opinion on social media, which is one of the constants. Everyone enjoys expressing their viewpoint. As a result, one simple method to boost engagement is to ask people what they think.

Instagram Stories is particularly well-suited to this sort of interaction. There are a variety of sticker alternatives meant to elicit questions and initiate discussions.

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The aim is to elicit a response, preferably a remark or direct message (DM). Then it’s up to you to keep the discussion going and finally close the deal. Of course, the question’s content is entirely up to you.

To elicit a response, several businesses include questions in their post descriptions or tales. Others, particularly with the quiz sticker for Stories, utilize questions to educate their followers. Others utilize questions to do market research.

The Novo Nordisk cycling team adds a quiz in their Instagram story to educate viewers on their diabetes activism history.

Respond to comments, mentions, and direct messages (DMs).

This may not appear to be sophisticated counsel, but it is. On Instagram, a startlingly small percentage of companies really reply to comments and mentions. A simple like or respond, on the other hand, may have a significant influence on your brand’s image.

Not to mention the fact that a growing number of individuals consider social media to be a kind of customer service.


Of course, social media managers need to feel supported and protected as well. So go to your privacy settings and touch the Comments option to get started.

You may use this feature to automatically filter inappropriate comments and muffle particular words, phrases, or emojis. These options apply to both direct messages and post comments.

After that, you may handle common client inquiries. You’ll have more time to react to more interesting, urgent, or complex communications if you set up stored answers to frequent messages.

Quick Replies was the previous name for this functionality. It still functions in the same way, but it’s now known as Saved Replies. You write a pre-written response to a question and assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

A little speech bubble will appear next to the Send button whenever you write that shortcut in a direct message. When you tap the speech bubble, the stored reply will show in its entirety. So instead of 2 minutes, you only have to type for 2 seconds. Everything adds up.

You can afford to react to all of your followers now that you’ve filtered out negative comments and controlled your time.

I recommend turning on alerts for direct messages that arrive in your inbox or as message requests. Followers may be unaware that their messages have been routed to these inboxes, and if they feel neglected, they will be unhappy.

Remember that connecting with others on a regular basis is just as essential as publishing on a regular basis. People aren’t simply on social media to hear from you; they also have something to say.

On Instagram, stay away from bots and engagement pods.

You’ve probably heard of engagement pods before. They often appear on Instagram, despite the fact that their usefulness is debatable. People in an Instagram engagement group commit to regularly interact with each other’s posts.

There will almost always be guidelines as to how frequently or how much you must interact. The goal is to fool Instagram’s algorithm by displaying a high level of activity. However, it is ineffective. Buying Instagram bots to like your posts also doesn’t work.

What’s to stop you? There are several causes for this.

First and foremost, Instagram engagement pod accounts are at danger of being flagged as spam. They don’t have a great deal of control over the algorithm.

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Second, this type of participation isn’t worthwhile. It’s not from your target market, it doesn’t tell you anything about your company, and it has nothing to do with conversions or sales. Avoid these ruses if you’re serious about increasing your engagement rate.

Customers from other platforms can be brought in.

It’s worth attempting to attract an engaged audience over to Instagram if you already have one on other social media platforms, your email marketing list, or your website. It only requires a social media button and maybe a sneak peek at your material on the social network.

It is, nevertheless, critical to verify such connections on a frequent basis. I frequently come across faulty social network links on websites. Another typical issue is websites made using Shopify, where if you don’t change the social network buttons, they default to Shopify’s accounts.


On Instagram, the ideal situation is to build a healthy, engaged community that feeds back into your company, supporting your marketing plan and assisting you in becoming better. However, you get out exactly what you put in. The key to growing and engaging your Instagram following is to be active.

Thank you for reading till the end. It simply tells me that you are not ready to settle for less. To help you stay connected with me and my blog, here is the link to my Android Mobile App from Google Play Store, Please Download and install.

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