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Mobile App Development Using Content Management System

Technology has gone beyond coding as the only option for developing solutions, so the need for mobile app development is in high demand.

Now with content management system tools you can design and develop a mobile app for your small business without the help of an IT consultant. This video is developed by Mr. Samuel for Za Online Ambassador Platform.

How do you choose the finest Content Management System for mobile applications when there are so many on the market?

Mobile App: Here’s a hint: don’t go with a CMS designed just for mobile apps.

You want a solution that is adaptable to all devices and channels. Something that fits cleanly into a microservices architecture and improves productivity and collaboration throughout the process. Let me break you exactly what you should be on the lookout for.

Mobile App

Here’s how to pick the finest mobile app content management system:  

It must be “hybridized.”

It needs to fit into a microservices architecture and encourage content reuse.

It must be framework-independent.

It must be device-independent.

It has to be independent of the industry.

It must intelligently handle content workflow.

It should be scalable.

How your content management system (CMS) affects your mobile app success

Here are some numbers to consider:

The use of mobile phones accounts for 52% of all web traffic (compared to just 44 percent for desktop)

42 percent of all businesses have a mobile app, with the remaining 30% planning to do so shortly.

A smartphone app is used by 55 percent of Millennial-owned businesses (probably the most tech-savvy among us).

Needless to say, how you present your business on a mobile phone screen is crucial, and the best method to do so is through a mobile application. Previously, native mobile apps were the standard.

Mobile App is designed for and installed on certain mobile devices are known as device-specific apps. This will be a native app if you’ve ever downloaded an app from the App Store or Google Play.

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We’ve recently seen the rise of the PWA (progressive web app), which appears to be on its way to supplanting native apps entirely. Even though they appear in your ordinary browser, these are web pages that look, feel, and operate like native apps in many respects.

Mobile App


So in today’s tutorial, we decided to use a robust and one of the most popular platforms that have been around and their mobile app builder is very amazing. MIT App Inventor is the platform we are going to use to create our mobile app today.

Make sure you watch and share, and please do leave a comment below, suggestions, or even questions.

MIT App Inventor is a web application integrated development environment originally provided by Google and now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Read More About them via Wikipedia)

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