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4 Underutilized Marketing Techniques That Produce Results

Every service tries its hardest to achieve its first profitable sale. They accomplish this by employing a number of marketing techniques aimed at attracting the widest possible range of clientele to purchase their services and/or products.

Depending on the competence level of the CEO or Head of Marketing and Sales, their sales efforts may or may not be successful. And a poor outcome would put the company’s cash flow in the red.

Any organization’s lifeblood is sales. Without financial flow, your service may eventually cease to exist if you don’t have marketing techniques for your business. All of this implies that without sales, you’re chasing total crap and may eventually end up behind a desk working a 9 to 5 job.

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If you’re having trouble selling your products and don’t know what more to do, try one of these four underutilized yet effective marketing techniques that produce results today:

1. Completely giving away the item for free:

This may appear absurd at first, but here’s how it works: With good marketing techniques, you can make amazing sales without stress. If you have a product that has been sitting on the shelf for too long and is priced at about 5,000 Naira.

You may announce via social media or whatever media outreach channel you’re using that you’re giving the products away for free, allowing customers to purchase just and pay a shipping fee of around 6000 Naira.

Now, the fact is that by introducing marketing techniques in your sales services, you would work out a deal with the carriers to manage your delivery for between 9000 Naira and 1,800 Naira each voyage.

In Nigeria, it can be that cheap, so your income margin after each shipment might be between 4,200 Naira and 5,200 techniques

A larger number of customers who are aware that they are obtaining your “AMAZING ITEM” for free would be more likely to purchase it. For really low-priced items, this marketing techniques approach works exceptionally well.

2. Material Marketing:

Prior to attempting to sell to your target consumers using these marketing techniques, material marketing ensures that you have built a very close relationship with them.

They will believe your recommendations far more if they are not constantly inundated with advertisements for your services or products. To handle your material marketing activities.

You’ll need to create a company blog and submit really beneficial content there throughout time. You should also include the finest blogging techniques, such as collecting e-mails, writing on a regular basis, and creating excellent material.

Clients will be more willing to part with their hard-earned cash to try out your services or products if they have developed confidence in your brand name as a result of what you educate them online.

3. Stay In Touch Tactically:

A customer’s worth is determined not by his or her initial purchase, but by their potential lifelong monetary value to your company. Normally, you’d attract a customer by offering high-quality goods at a reasonable price, and what happens after that is entirely up to your follow-up marketing techniques.

Customers who have previously purchased from you are more likely to buy more expensive products from you in the future if you follow up and build a positive connection with them after their initial low-cost transaction.

To do this, make a follow-up call or send follow-up e-mails to them approximately a week after their first purchase to see how they feel about the product(s) they purchased from you.

Based on their response, you may then recommend some fantastic higher-priced goods that perfectly match what they bought and solve an immediate need they didn’t realize they had.

Tell them they’ll get it for a great discount (perhaps 70% off) because of their commitment, and give them a short deadline to take advantage of this amazing deal they would not have had otherwise.

This enhances the customer’s after-sale value, allowing you to profit from them again and again, even long after their initial purchase.

4. Search engine optimization:

Utilizing the power of SEO as part of your online marketing plan is a technique that should never be overlooked (SEO). Getting your company’s services to rank on the first page of Google should be one of your top marketing priorities, especially if it’s a service that people look up a lot of information about online.

To fix your SEO, hire an SEO expert to conduct a full SEO audit on your company’s web presence, so they can see what you’re doing well and what you’re doing wrong.

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Following that, they’d look into the phrases your company may rank for, include them strategically into your site’s content, and obtain a slew of crucial backlinks.

By increasing your online search engine visibility, you may reach a considerably larger number of potential consumers.

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