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Make Cool Cash Selling Animal Feeds: Get Trained By Our Professionals

To manage a profitable animal feeds business in Nigeria, you must get trained. Training in feed production and marketing as part of the package. In reality, you’ll need to be well-versed in animal husbandry and farming techniques in general.

In a post we made about how you can start an animal feed business as a total beginner, we talked about various ways you can get started and how you can get some tips to further your knowledge online.

That you can do by watching videos on YouTube, enrolling in online courses, reading blog articles and documentaries, listening to podcasts, and so on. Also, listen to Agro-related radio shows and watch episodes on television.

Gather information from newspapers, periodicals, and newsletters, among other sources. This is without a doubt the case. You will outperform someone who performs none of these things or a combination of them.

But we both know that those cannot provide you with the real deal when it comes to result in orientation Bootcamp. This is why we looked for the top best hands in the business who agree to kick start training on the subject matter to help new beginners get into the Animal Feeds Business right here in FCT, Abuja.

The best way for you to succeed in any business is to get proper training and a mentor who will help you avoid that early business failure those who don’t have experience get. They have Animal scientists who are top members of the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science, with in-depth experience in Animal nutrition and production.
They specialize in post-school training, most of them are veterans in the agricultural sector, like Prof Ari Maikano of the Nasarawa state university, and Nigeria Institute of animal science, and Prof Ajuka Luka of the international institute of tropical agriculture Ibadan.
They are passionate animal scientists striving to bring innovation into the field of professionalism, and making agriculture attractive to the Young ones.
In case you also will like to buy from them, they are into animal feed formulation and production; they make formula base on the farmer’s access to the indigenous feed materials in the locality at a low cost.
Animal treatment and the new inclusion of what they refer to as pet insurance were by you entrust the health of your pet into our hands even when the pet dies they get a new one for you, with terms and condition.
They are also into agric products supply, they offer what they called relational consultancy where they develop relationships to the point where they can help give a free consultancy service when you are having challenges.
They are also a small research base firm because of our quest for innovation, they are currently working towards adopting vitamin A cassava which is a research work by the international institute of tropical agriculture Ibadan.
Small and large scale farmers, factories can contact them for a least-cost feed formulation and production, using international standard computer software for more accuracy. They are committed to making agriculture attractive by organizing agric training for teenagers and youths.


What you will learn are as follows:

  • Feed production both floating and sinking fish feed with different formulations
  • Feed production both mesh and pellets poultry feeds with different formulations
  • Advance feed formulation using international standard computer software.
  • Feeds and feeding in a recession period
  • Financing and starting immediately

Benefit; with the increase in animal feed, you will learn how to formulate a least-cost quality feed, for your farm and commercial sales.

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