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Learn How YouTube Pays And How You Can Increase Your Income

Starting your own YouTube channel might provide a number of opportunities to increase your income. You may discover that with consistency and effort, you will start getting yourself among the top list of millionaires.

Monetizing ad views, including sponsored promotions, and joining the YouTube Partner Program are some of the most common ways to make money this way. Before you learn more about these typical ways to make money and how to get started with them, you need the first grasp the financial possibilities of being a YouTuber.

What Are the Earning Potentials for YouTubers?

According to Forbes, a 9-year-old Ryan Kaji, who made an estimated $29.5 million on his channel, which includes videos of DIY science projects and gadget evaluations, allegedly had 41.7 million subscribers and his videos had 12.2 billion views, was one of the YouTubers who may cut out attention.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known online as “MrBeast,” was the second-highest earner, raking in $24 million and attracting 47.8 million members and 3 billion views owing to his high-quality comedic antics.

While the aforementioned YouTube superstars make up a small percentage of the total, there are many more somewhat popular channels through which you may make money on Google’s platform.

Choosing a Specialty

If you want to make money from your YouTube channel, you should know that some themes are more profitable than others. One of the most profitable YouTube themes, for example, has been gaming.

How-to and tutorials, cooking advice and food reviews, lists of top items, animal videos, news, and celebrity gossip are all profitable categories. Keep in mind that many areas are oversaturated while pursuing lucrative themes. Look for a niche where there isn’t a lot of competition.

What is YouTube’s method of payment?

YouTubers may make money through ad views and the YouTube Partner program, among other things. However, before you begin, it’s critical to grasp all of your alternatives in order to optimize your revenue.

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Views on advertisements may be used to make money.

CPM (cost per thousand views), in which a viewer must watch at least 30 seconds of the ad or half of the ad on a very short video, or CPC (cost per click), in which the viewer must click on the ad, determines ad payment. Ads that are skipped are not compensated.

You may establish an AdSense account as soon as you start your channel, but you won’t get paid until your account balance hits $100, which could take some time if you’re just getting started.

Google gives out 68 percent of ad sales income to YouTubers, thus for every $100 an advertiser pays Google, the latter will send the latter $68.4 to the YouTuber.

Advertisers generally pay 10 cents to 30 cents for every ad view, with an average of 18 cents per view. If you assume that around 15% of viewers will watch enough of the ad to earn you money, a video with 1,000 views will likely generate about 150 ad views.

Using these figures, you may expect to earn around $18 per 1,000 ad views, or $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views, based on these figures. The YouTube Partner Program is a program that allows you to work with YouTube

Earning money from ad views is one of the most passive methods to make money from your YouTube channel. Once a channel meets the requirements for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), it has access to additional revenue-generating possibilities.

A channel must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for membership in the YPP:

  • You have over 1,000 subscribers.
  • Over the previous year, you must have accumulated 4,000 legitimate public view hours (private, unlisted, or deleted movies do not count).
  • Follow YouTube’s monetization guidelines.
  • Be based in a nation or area that offers the YPP.

Have a Google AdSense account linked to it

Once a channel reaches this level, it is considered for the YPP. In order to be approved for the program, the channel must fulfill all of YouTube’s extra standards and requirements.

While you are not required to satisfy the threshold criteria every year, your channel may be withdrawn from the partner program if it falls below the threshold and is inactive for six months.

As a member of the YPP, you may begin earning money from a number of features—each component has its own set of qualifying criteria, as well as subscription and view count requirements. In your nation or area, the functionalities must be accessible as well.

The YPP allows users to make money through a variety of sources, including:

Advertising revenue

Fans paying to get their messages shown using Super Chat and Super Stickers Videos watched by YouTube Premium subscribers Channel subscriptions where users pay for


  • Merchandise sales via the merch shelf
  • Other Methods of Profiting from YouTube Content
  • YouTube offers additional ways to make money than the more common techniques described above.

Promotions for a Fee

Taking advantage of sponsored promotions like product placements, sponsorships, and endorsements can also be a good method to make money. Certain niches, like as review-type channels or how-to videos, are well-suited to paid advertising such as affiliate marketing.

Paid promotions may be obtained in a variety of ways: you can approach businesses with a proposal, or you can be approached by corporations if you become well-known in your industry.

When you specify that your video contains sponsored advertisements, YouTube will display a disclosure statement at the start of the video.

YouTubers, as well as the businesses with which they collaborate, are responsible for adhering to any other local and regulatory requirements. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a good place to start if you want to make sure you’re following the rules when it comes to sponsored promotions in your content.

Selling a Service or a Product

If you sell a product or service, YouTube can help you advertise your company, establish your expertise, and generate visitors to your website. Video material that is both informative and entertaining, such as Q&As or lessons, can attract new consumers to your company.

Events that take place in person

You may supplement your revenue by selling tickets to followers for in-person events such as live recordings or tour appearances after your channel has a high level of engagement. Offering branded products is a great method to enhance brand recognition while also increasing revenue. Attending conventions and selling branded goods or autographs may also help popular YouTubers make money.

Direct Assistance

On crowdfunding platforms, channels with a committed fan following may find success. For one-time initiatives, GoFundMe and Kickstarter are strong alternatives, while Patreon and Ko-Fi are solid options for continuous support.

YouTubers usually give their fans different prizes depending on how much they contribute. To support a cause, funds can be contributed on a regular or one-time basis.

Final Thoughts

You may expand your YouTube channel by discovering and taking advantage of revenue growth possibilities that best match your channel’s specialty, purpose, and financial goals with ongoing effort and patience.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How Frequently Does YouTube Make Payments?

YouTube pays on a monthly basis, usually on the 10th or 14th of the month. Users must satisfy specific conditions in order to earn money, including:

Reaching a local payment threshold, such as $100 for creators in the United States.
Complying with YouTube’s monetization guidelines
They are not suspended or have a hold placed on their account in any way.

How Does YouTube Reward Its Users?

YouTube pays authors’ AdSense accounts once any payment holds have been cleared and revenues have reached the relevant threshold. (The payout threshold for US artists is $100.)

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