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Do You Believe That It Is Possible To Generate N5000 Per Day?

N5000 a day does not seem like much unless you compute it over a longer period of time, such as monthly or yearly. This works out to roughly N150, 000 per month, or over two million naira per year.

Many Nigerian youngsters look forward to monthly wages, but they overlook the fact that they may engage in companies that pay them small sums on a daily basis, which can add up to much more than what most monthly income workers receive at the end of the month.

You should keep in mind that the businesses described below require just as much hard work and perseverance to succeed. You can earn N5000 or more every day if you give it your all in any of them.

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Before we get too deep, let’s start with the basics. Here is one of the greatest options for a transcriptionist job from home, which will undoubtedly be a terrific way to supplement your income.N5000


This is one of the most straightforward methods for earning money online. To run a freelancing company, you only need talent, a strong internet connection, and a mobile device.

The more people who see how good you are at what you do as a freelancer, the more clients you will have. Writing isn’t the sole aspect of freelancing. It might contain any of the following abilities:

  • Graphic design
  • Writing
  • Transcription & Translation
  • Voiceovers
  • Web design

You also don’t need a bachelor’s degree to work as a freelancer. On the internet, there are a plethora of freelancing sites. All you need is to be an expert at something.


You can conduct a program to teach students at various levels, such as those preparing for certificate exams, those who want to improve their communication skills, and those who want to learn how to play a musical instrument, for example. You may advertise this at schools, youth centers, and other places.


In most Nigerian neighborhoods, you can get a haircut for as little as N400. Not to mention important cities and villages. Guys in certain areas can get their hair trimmed for as much as N1000.

It’s nearly difficult to have only one consumer in a single day. As a result, if you open a barbershop and provide outstanding services while maintaining strong client relations, you will earn more than N5000 per day, enough to cover your shop’s expenses while also profiting.

Another option for running a barbershop is to hire employees to do the work. You’ll generate enough money to pay salaries, and your employees will offer you daily or weekly returns.

Keep in mind that the location of your barbershop is crucial. Make sure to assess demand, which includes the number of males in the region and the number of barbershops that currently exist, or find out what you can do differently to differentiate yourself.

Services of transportation

Many people underestimate the transportation industry. Because you transport people around, many people consider it a filthy job.

Many drivers and others in the transportation industry, on the other hand, make more money than certain white-collar workers. The broker must make arrangements with a larger car transportation service to transfer your car to their truck.

The balance of the car transportation money is sent to the car transportation provider that actually delivered your car once the first deposit is made by the broker. The most dependable automobile shipping service is Suncoast Auto Transport.

You don’t have to be the one doing the work yourself. If you have enough money, you can hire a driver to drive a vehicle, bus, bike, or tricycle (also known as Keke napep). At the conclusion of the day or month, this driver(s) will turn over your profits (depending on your contract agreement)

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You can also apply to an established transportation company if you do not have a vehicle and cannot afford to acquire one. There are a lot of them around, and they’re always looking for drivers.

A hair and beauty salon

This should not come as a shock. There are a lot of business prospects in the fashion and cosmetics sector. This is due to the fact that services in these sectors are always in demand.

Hair is always styled by women. You will make money as long as your hairstyling skills are good. To produce hair, you don’t need a qualification or a degree.

You may also start small by making do with whatever room you have. Then you may save up to buy a shop and get daily returns of at least N5000. You can offer beauty items in addition to providing hairstyling services.

Having a Gym House

This firm will require cash to build a gym and then install the required equipment. Both men and women are becoming increasingly conscious of their physical health. Membership costs at certain gyms may be as high as $10,000 or even more.

Setting up a gym has a lot of commercial potentials, especially if you do it in a city or a high-end area where people are ready to pay a premium.

Car Detailing

Nigeria has approximately 11.8 million registered automobiles. Many families and individuals own automobiles. This demonstrates the enormous potential for profit in automobile-related enterprises. N5000

Many people believe that a car wash is merely a small roadside company that makes little money; however, this is not the case. There is a lot of money to be made in this industry. A suitable site is necessary for a car wash business.

A city where people who own vehicles are too busy to wash them themselves, for example, is a suitable area to start a car wash business.


One of the simplest businesses to start is renting outhouses. All you need is money to purchase whatever you wish to rent out.

  • You can hire the following items:
  • Canopies, chairs, and event halls
  • Automobiles for transportation services
  • Instruments of music
  • Lighting and sound equipment, among other things

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