There are different types of businesses today. You can choose the type that you know suits your passion. It should not be news to you that the best kind of business anyone can do is one which involves buy and selling. 


Not just any buying and selling. Because the worst kind of business you can ever do is inside buying and selling model business as well.  

This is because :

-Some buying and selling businesses can tie down your capital for month or even years without you getting any profits from them as wished. 

– Some buying and selling businesses can make you lose all your hard earned money in a twinkle of an eye. 

– Some buying and selling businesses can make your life miserable because they involve a lot of hard and complex processes. 

I took my time to explain those ones above so that you can know that not all buying and selling businesses are ideal for you. And for you to know the kind of businesses you should stay away from. 


Now that I’ve outlined the negative buying and selling businesses, let’s focus on the positive ones. The positive buying and selling businesses are :

– The ones that gives enough ROI (Return on investment) 

– The ones that don’t take much time before it’s converted to cash. This would allow you to do multiple transactions without short range of time. Hence resulting to more profits 

– The ones that allow you to live. 

Many business people are not living their life but only trying to survive. This is caused by their choice of businesses. 

Any business that doesn’t give you chance to serve yourself, God and humanity, such business is not a positive one.  


The best kind of buying and selling business is :

– The one you would buy the product/merchandise to sell once and continue to sell forever 

– That one that can be replicated without issue. 

– The one that its revenue can be increased drastically without heavy lifting 

– The one that would make people suspicious of you, thinking you are dealing in ***  (don’t mind my sense of humor jare) 

– The that has no seasons or holiday time. 

– The one that would bring you enough money and big respect at the same time.  

I can continue to list the features on and on…  This kind of business models is what I want to teach you so that your life can be fruitful and not frustrating.