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Care To Know What Is Preventing You From fulfilling your dream?

Hi, and welcome here again. You are reading this because you are curious to know what is that thing that is preventing you from fulfilling your dream right? Even me, I had to figure it out myself.

The most frequent misinterpretation I’ve noticed is that we must be prepared to give up anything else in an effort to accomplish almost anything, especially fulfilling our dream.

Be it in your profession, business, wealth, career, relationships, or health, something must be sacrificed in order for you to fulfilling your dream and grow bigger to attain the height you so desire.

After several years of working on myself, learning about myself, and assisting others in their growth, I’ve realized that this isn’t the case. There is no need to make any sacrifices in order to have a fuller life.adus michael

As I and others grew older, we realized that there were a number of other factors preventing us from living a more satisfying life. The following are some of the most common problems you’ll encounter along the way if you have not already.

Putting Constraints on Yourself

By trying to fulfill your dream, on the surface, limits appear to be obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals. Limitations, on the other hand, are the things that keep you restricted in the same life cycle.

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You’ll keep encountering the same issues, being forced to make the same decisions, and repeating the same acts. They describe your current situation and, to some extent, your quality of life.

You can get out of it by following these four steps:

Look for an opportunity that has been overlooked if you want to fulfill your dream. When confronted with a difficulty or a setback, we have a tendency to focus on the bad. That is, after all, life! Instead, train yourself to think about possibilities.

Make a stairwell plan for your growth if you want to fulfill your dream. It’s like locating your North Star. The larger objective you want to attain is what permits you to establish smaller targets on the route you want to pursue.

Prioritize by time and invest by energy if you want to fulfill your dream. That is essentially what the Breakthrough Framework is. The goal is to invest in your energy (to help you focus on what counts) and your time rather than distractions or dispersed attempts (to help set priorities, deadlines, and take action).

Create a self-contained engine if you want to fulfill your dream. Every action we take is intertwined. The majority of breakthroughs aren’t one-time events.

Continue to use and improve this approach when you encounter new problems and barriers. A feedback loop, which I believe is a tool for learning quickly and mastering any ability, is a fantastic addition if you want to fulfill your dream.

Aspects of Your Life That You Don’t Understand

Working smarter, not harder, One bit of advice you’ve probably heard is that you should work smarter, not harder. It’s a straightforward bit of advice, but figuring out how to work smarter isn’t always easy.

It wasn’t until I reached a point of mental and physical exhaustion that I realized how to operate more efficiently. Early in my work, I realized this and established two concepts:

life aspects and Life Multipliers. You will flourish in these life elements if you can equip yourself with these Life Multipliers (a.k.a living a Full Life).

I created the Full Life Framework to assist people in realizing their full potential. I’ve defined six life elements that you need to recognize and exploit in the Full Life Framework.

You’ll need to find a balance between all of these factors as well. If you ignore one, it has a cascading impact that affects everything and might prevent you from fulfilling your dream.

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For example, when I overworked myself, my health deteriorated. I lost all energy and drive to pursue my work as a result of attempting to recuperate. My self-esteem and creative talents suffered as a result of this.

As a result, these are the six life aspects:

  • Physical well-being
  • Fulfillment of family and relationships
  • Prosperity in your job and career
  • Money satisfaction and wealth
  • Spiritual health
  • Mental fortitude

Core talents emerge from these elements of life. Enhancing these fundamental talents, in my opinion, are Life Multipliers and strategies to change your dream life. Check out my Lifehack Academy classes if you want to learn more about these fundamental abilities.

At the same time, when you lack these qualities, they act as roadblocks in your path to living the life you desire.

Self-control is lacking.

Lack of self-control is one of those hurdles. It’s understandable since we all have aspects of ourselves that we dislike. Maybe you’re a heavy drinker or a cigarette smoker.

Maybe you have an insatiable sweet appetite and can’t stop eating such items. When you lack self-control, your bad habits will stick with you until you figure out how to break them.


Some people have attempted to break the habit, but I believe it is preferable to find a substitute behavior. If you consume a lot of alcohol, for example, teach yourself to order water or fruit juice instead. After a month or so, you’ll notice that you prefer ordering such goods instead.

Lack of self-assurance

Imagine finding out the next day that all you’ve worked for has been for naught. It’s possible that your position will be replaced, or that a big customer will be lost. Many people are taken aback by such events and are inclined to be surprised or enraged by the scenario.

While we should not bottle up our feelings, it is critical to understand how to control our feelings about our position and what has to be done to go where we want to go.

This is because situations like this occur frequently, and the emotional fallout might cause you to lose confidence in specific areas. If your first business failed, for example, you might never start another. That is until you “snap out” of your depressed mental state and start seeking a solution.

You can build yourself up and handle new challenges with more confidence in yourself if you focus on positive acts and positive feelings.
Inability To Learn And Adapt

Our capacity to learn and adapt is what allows us to come up with innovative solutions to issues. You are not developing if you are not learning anything.

“Learning never exhausts the mind,” Leonardo da Vinci famously stated. and I am convinced. Make it a daily habit to learn something new. This keeps your mind active and fresh, and it might help you become more open-minded.

Last Thoughts

You’re never genuinely fixated on anything when you become stuck on it. It indicates that what you’re doing now isn’t enough to get you over the next stumbling block. You don’t need to put in a lot of effort to overcome that obstacle; instead, adjust your mindset about how you approach the problem.

You’ll be able to conquer a variety of life’s challenges using the strategies outlined above. Allow time to pass and keep working on it. Be blessed. Stay blessed. 🙏🏼 ©️The Excellent Ministry 2021

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