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Blogging With Adus Michael focuses on creating a shift in Lifestyle Modification, providing you with real-life scenarios as regular content. Using myself as a point of view as enable me to share a blend of topics from my personal experience to my specialization which includes things you will learn from that will interest you and in turn, inspire you to do well and be better in life

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What is Business Management?

What is Business Management?

Business Management Overview As a business manager, you are given the major responsibility of managing administrative tasks for a business. A company may expect you to assist with its marketing program. A company may also want you to perform a budget analysis in order...

The Right Way To Motivate & Inspire Your People

The Right Way To Motivate & Inspire Your People

When there’s an immediate, short-term, and specific goal that you want your people to achieve, you need to motivate them. When you want to shape people’s identity and their long-term aspirations and commitments, you need to inspire them.

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