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What It Takes To Build A Website At This COVID 19 Lock Down

Taking advantage of the lock down period is very important you do so. Because after the epidemic you will be so busy trying to start hustling and will not have time to seat and learn new skill.


Few Beneficial Things You Can Do At This Lock Down Period

One of the best ways to beat the self-isolation blues is to be productive. Make progress toward a goal. Accomplish something on your to-do list. Learn something new skills.


How To Use Canva For Your Branding

Canva is an online graphics design platform that allow you to create virtually anything design-able for free. A platform that has given newbies the opportunity and a landing page to learn new skill without stressing their brain. All template and resources are free to use and share.


How To Create Facebook Page For Your Business

Facebook page has really helped small business owner gain new customers and have been making great amount of income ever since. I do think you too can key into the platform and start changing the narrative of your business.


The Principles of How to Start and Grow a Successful Online Business With Adus Michael

Am sure you are watching this video because you like to start making some serious cash while at the same time setting your own work schedule and choosing any place in the world you want to live? That’s the beauty of an online business. It feeds your wanderlust and allows you to travel as you stay on top of your cash flow.


Adus Michael


I am a Website Designer and a Mobile App Developer, A Cyber Security Expert, An SEO Expert, A Digital Marketing & A Social Media Influencer, An ICT Consultant, A Content Developer & A Software Developer. I am here to help you become an expert in any of the fields you may find yourself.

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