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Nasarawa State’s Farin Ruwa Falls Is the Perfect Spot for Tourist Visit

Farin Ruwa Falls is a waterfall located in Nigeria’s central area. It is one of Nigeria’s tallest waterfalls. When the overall height covered by the waterfall is considered, it is important among Africa’s falls.

The source of Farin Ruwa falls is located in Nasarawa State, from where it cascades over the Nasarawa’s cliff. The water descends from the Jos Plateau at a total height of roughly 150 meters (about 492 ft).

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This plunge is taller than the more well-known Victoria Falls, which descends from a height of roughly 108 meters (354 feet).


Farin Ruwa Falls is located in the Farin Ruwa Development Area of Nasarawa State’s Wamba Local Government Area. The falls are located on the Plateau-Nasarawa State border, within the Bokkos and Wamba Local Government Areas of both states.

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The falls originate on the Jos plateau in Plateau State’s Bokkos Local Government Area.

The falls were found in the 1950s by the British colonial rulers of Nigeria. In order to commercialize the falls, a catering Rest House was built in the MASSAGE hamlet near the falls.

The colonial authority gazetted it and titled it MAYES Forest Reserve to conserve its unique legacy. Despite this early progress, Farin Ruwa remained pushed to the margins until the establishment of Nasarawa State in 1996.

The waterfall lies 120 kilometers from Lafia, the state capital of Nasarawa, and 30 kilometers from Wamba.


Farin Ruwa is a Hausa term that means “white water.” The local residents of the Farin Ruwa area describe the character of the falls as Farin Ruwa.

Farin Ruwa

Because of the considerable height gained during the descent of the falls, the descending water crashes as it makes its way down the Jos plateau escarpment.

Because of the height covered by the falls throughout its drop, the falls progressively turn white in color.

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Because of their white color, the falls were seen in the distance to residents of the Farin Ruwa area as white smoke on the mountains. The locals gave the falls the name Farin Ruwa because of their white color.


During the rainy season, from March to November, the hilly terrain of the region surrounding the Farin Ruwa falls causes considerable rainfall from clouds traveling over the region.

As a result, the volume of water rushing down from the mountains during the rainy season has increased. The Jos Plateau is defined by the mountains that surround the falls.

During the dry season, from December to March, the volume of water in the falls decreases. However, this only lasts a short time, as the falls restore their water volume during the rainy season.

Farin Ruwa

Nigeria’s tourist industry is still in its early stages. It hasn’t done anything to promote or open up the waterfall to the rest of the world.

As a result of this issue, tourism activities near the waterfall are rather modest. However, plans are in the works to maximize the fall’s potential.

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