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What Efforts Would You Need To Take To Double Your Productivity?

Every one of us aspires to be a better version of ourselves and to perform at greater levels in respective disciplines, which is natural to our human nature. So trying to double your productivity is just one of those things you must strive to achieve.

Entrepreneurs possess skill, ambition, and vision…but they could always use a few more hours in the day. We can’t change the earth’s rotation, but we’ll give you the next best thing: professional advice on how to double your productivity in half the time.

Yes, breaking old habits and reimagining procedures might be difficult, but that is no excuse to limit your own productivity. If truly you want to achieve amazing results? then you must be ready to double your productivity.productivity

We frequently fail to achieve our objectives because we underestimate the amount of effort necessary to achieve that degree of accomplishment. You’ll be far more likely to achieve your goals if you double your productivity.

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What is the reason behind this? Because achieving a goal usually requires twice as much effort as you anticipate. Now let us look at the tips on how you can double your productivity.

Know WHERE you’re going (The Target):

To accomplish anything, you must first choose WHERE you want to go. This is the most crucial criterion for taking any action. To achieve anything, you must have a clearly defined goal and avoid ambiguity at all costs. Seeing is linked to achieving!

Be aware of your HOW (The Strategy)

This is the second most important step after deciding on a target. You must have a clear HOW, which is the documented plan. It assists you in achieving your goal more quickly.

Create a strategy to achieve your goal as soon as you have one. Note: The plan should be attainable and, to the extent feasible, time-proven. Don’t say anything like “Let me learn from my error,” because it can’t possibly be yours!

Understand your WHY (The Motivation)

Your WHY is the most powerful motivational speaker you’ll ever hear. You should be ready to double your effort and make sure your zeal for motivation is strong enough.

For example, if you can be motivated to want to save to get yourself a car that you will be used for going to work, and coming back. Because you have checked your salary and have noticed how much you spend on transport a month. And If you are determined to achieve that, sure you can.productivity

If your WHY is just to acquire some money for something that isn’t important or isn’t a compelling WHY, well the chance to achieve that will be very tiny. Never forget this: Having a compelling WHY inspires you to persevere.

Be aware of your WHEN (The Timing)

In order to achieve more and double your productivity, you must have a clearly defined deadline for your goal. Setting a deadline for your goal helps you focus your energies, devote your energy, avoid distractions.

Triggers what I call the Destiny Changing Pressure (DCP), which is the pressure you need to drive you out of complacency and into your destiny. Establish deadlines that do not jeopardize your health, relationships, productivity, or progress.

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Don’t create goals that a normal person can’t accomplish, placing yourself under unnecessary pressure to complete them and jeopardizing your health in the process is never an ideal thing to do.

For example, if you are now making an average of 50,000 from your business and your goal is to buy a 3.5 million naira car in less than a year, reaching this goal would put your mental rest and possibly your health at risk.

Divide your goals into five categories: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Every now and again, take a look at your progress. Finally, efforts to double your productivity if you really want to achieve a great result is now in your hand.

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