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Don’t Allow Your Degree To Hold You Back From Advancing To Your Greater Height

Keep your degree in a safe place for future opportunities, and learn how to be an entrepreneur, or you will die destitute. If you want to advance, keep your degree but start thinking like you don’t have one.

The majority of Nigeria’s educated population is poor. Before taxes and other deductions, the majority of educated people earn less than N55,000 a month.

When all deductions are taken into account, the net salary is roughly N50,000. The net pay is then reduced by up to N15,000 in loan deductions, leaving the salary at roughly N35,000.

The landlord then demands N15,000 from him, and monthly shopping deducts N10,000, leaving one with N10,000. The bus would charge N300 to and from work, and the family will receive an extra N2,500.

The entire payment has been depleted, and borrowed funds are now in use. Short-term loans and salary advances are examples of borrowed funds.

The most common justification for being paid such low wages and having to sit and work for someone else for 30 days is the DEGREE that one holds. As a result, the majority of degree holders have become extremely destitute, if not impoverished, and will most likely die as a result.

A degree holder has no idea how to make money unless it is for the benefit of the employer. A degree holder is so reliant on his salary that he will do everything to secure a job, but he will never consider starting his own business to employ others.

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Interesting information!

1. A degree holder is unwilling to sell chips but delighted to work for a hungry lion (companies).

2. A degree holder is not willing to sell popcorn on the street but is delighted to work for a Dangote outlet in the city or along the Mum River.

3. A degree holder is not willing to sell used goods but is delighted to work for Zenith Bank, which sells stocks and looks for consumers in the blazing sun.

4. A degree holder is not willing to work for N150,000 per month in his own firm, but is quite content to work at a bank’s cash register for N25,000.

5. A degree holder is unprepared to establish and expand a business in two to three years, but will instead spend three years looking for work.

6. A degree holder is unwilling to sell food to students but is content to work as an Office Assistant for a boss who has no qualifications as long as he is paid N30,000.

7. A degree holder is more willing to leave this country and work in another country than to invest time in his own country’s development.

8. A degree holder living in a foreign country (Nigeria) is quick to criticize the country while never contributing to its progress.

9. A Nigerian graduate would rather sweep the streets of London or the United States than start a business in her fatherland, while others work in people’s houses doing odd jobs (cleaners).

10. In Nigeria, a degree holder will view porn on his laptop but never sit down to create a book to sell and generate money on the same laptop.

11. A degree holder would criticize the government for a lack of career opportunities, despite the fact that he received a government bursary to obtain his degree.

12. Nigeria is blessed with young people who have master’s degrees and others who are doctors in various technical fields such as IT and Engineering, but they have all failed to create a cartoon character or a movie based on the same, preferring instead to buy Tom and Jerry for their children, thus promoting the United States and the United Kingdom.

At one of the schools I attend, there is a man who comes from a very humble family. He does not understand English, but he sells Coke, Fanta, and Sprite for N80 apiece, profiting N10. He also sells chips for N50 per chunk, making a profit of N17. Every day, at least 80 students purchase chips and a drink.

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This means he makes N27 profit on a drink and chips and N2,160 profit on a daily basis…every day. He makes a profit of N21,600 in 10 days, N43,200 in twenty days, and N64,800 in thirty days.

A degree holder working at the bank’s cash register earns N45,000 each month.

Why are those with a degree so poor?

Because they have opted to take pleasure in their degree and have failed to recognize that they are no better than a man who does not even have a certificate to his name.

Degree holders waste their time enjoying items on LinkedIn and Facebook but don’t give a damn about putting what they like into practice. Poverty begins with the mentality, with a mind that enjoys things but never puts them into action.

Keep your degree and start thinking like someone who doesn’t have one if you want to advance. There are no white-collar jobs to be found anywhere, man!

Prepare to get your hands dirty and to work as hard as an animal for your company. Your efforts will be rewarded.

Consider the possibilities!!! Consider starting your own business!!!

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Copyright Permission: Originally content published by Professor Nafiu Abdul, (Letter To Youth).

Nafiu Abdu, a famous scholar, award-winning scientist, and capable administrator who is currently the director of the soil science department of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, was promoted to the rank of Professor on 7th, August 2020.

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