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Does Nigeria Allow Foreigners To Enter Her Country Without Visa?

Citizens of most countries must get a visa in advance to enter Nigeria. Nigeria is only accessible to citizens of 17 African nations without a visa.

You must also present the Nigerian Embassy with two similar pictures that fulfill the Nigeria visa picture criteria, in addition to other papers.

For your Nigeria visa application to be successful, you’ll need high-quality pictures.

Documents needed to apply for a Nigerian visa

The following papers must be presented in order to acquire a tourist visa:

  • Passport
  • two color photos that meet the standards for a Nigeria visa photo;
  • An application form filled out online at the Nigeria Immigration Service’s website. A unique number is issued to the form. You should print and sign the questionnaire when you’ve completed it.
  • An invitation that corresponds to the visa type requested. The invitation must be sent by the hotel or travel agency if it is a tourist visa.
  • Itinerary in English, written in free-form;
  • A copy of both directions’ tickets or confirmation of bookings for tickets to other countries;
  • A letterhead certificate from work specifying the job and pay, which must be presented in English.

Depending on the visa category, the list of needed papers may differ.Nigeria

How can I apply for a Nigeria visa through the internet?

To apply for a Nigeria visa online, you must complete the following steps:

  • Go to the Nigeria Immigration Portal’s visa application page;
  • Choose the nation where you’ll be submitting your visa application.
  • Log in using your Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or Open ID account;
  • Fill out the online application form;
  • Fill out the questionnaire and sign it.
  • Online application fee payment;
  • Make a copy of the receipt;
  • The receipt should be attached to the application form and accompanying papers.

Photo requirements for Nigeria visas

The following are the picture criteria for Nigerian visa applications:

  • The photo size for a Nigerian visa application must be 35×45 mm.
  • The height of the head should be between 31 and 36 mm.
  • 3-5 mm should be the space between the top of the hair and the top of the photo.
  • Color should be used in the image.
  • The backdrop of a Nigerian visa photo must be white.
  • Keep your head in the picture’s center.
  • It’s important to have a neutral expression on your face.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Except for religious headgear and headdresses, all hats and headdresses are forbidden.

Photo of Nigerian visa applicant for online submission

The image is 350×450 pixels in size. The rest of the criteria are the same.

Is it okay for me to wear spectacles in my Nigerian visa photo?

Except for daily glasses, glasses are forbidden. Sunglasses and tinted glasses are not permitted on the premises.

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Photo tool for Nigerian visas

What is the most dependable method for taking a photo for a Nigerian visa application? Because the photo size for a Nigerian visa application is likely to be different from that of most passport photos, it’s preferable to delegate this work to specialized internet resources.

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