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Students At School Can Depend On A Number Of Diverse Business Possibilities

Integrating studies with business is a huge task for a student in Nigeria. Finding business possibilities to start and earn money while in school is much more difficult. This is why the majority of students avoid doing business while still in school.

Welcome to WealthPreneurship with Adus Michael. Here on this site, we know how to share successful business possibilities with students.

If you’re a Nigerian university student, polytechnic student, college student, or even a secondary school student wanting to start a business, our list of top business possibilities is just what you need.

But, if I may ask, “why would you choose our business ideas to other student business ideas available”? We carefully choose business possibilities that are: We have analyzed the growth curve of numerous business operations and have carefully selected business possibilities that are:

  • Profitable
  • Easy-to-start
  • Budget-friendly (requires little or no capital startup)
  • Academics can be combined (you can operate it with your academics without you having carryover in your courses)
  • It is not time-consuming (done part-time or in leisure time)

Because of the high rate of unemployment in our nation, it is always a good idea to start a business while still in school. Our administration, on the other hand, is doing its best in this area.

Again, there are far too many obligations following graduation from high school. As a result, you must begin earning money as soon as possible. You will not go bankrupt in school if you run a business.

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Some of the greatest business ideas in Nigeria that you may start as a student are as follows:


Blogging is one of the finest student business possibilities in Nigeria. Starting a blogging company is the ideal alternative for you if you’re a student who enjoys browsing and expressing oneself on the internet.

However, if you are currently enrolled in a university, polytechnic, or other high institution, it will be better. As a Nigerian student, you may create a successful blog in the following niches:

Blog with educational content

  • A fashion and leisure blog for students
  • Blog about relationships
  • Blog on health and fitness

It is not expensive to start a blog. You may start a lucrative blog with as little as N17,000. The costs are as follows: domain name registration is N5000 per year, hosting is N1200 per year, and blog setup is optional. I’m here to assist you if you’re unsure how to proceed.


Tutoring is another fantastic business option for a Nigerian student. If you enjoy teaching and passing on your expertise to others, starting a tutoring business is an excellent choice. You might open a tutoring center for kids who are having trouble with the topics you excel at.

Consider the classes you excel at and begin with the juniors. To reach more students and people, you can also offer online courses or webinars. If you’re good at the course you teach, it pays well.

Remember that you may go on with your business concept even after you graduate. Starting a tutoring center at a school will cost little or nothing.

You begin by teaching one or two junior high students or students in the class below you, and then expand your company from there. When I was in secondary school, I went to a tutoring center that has now evolved to become one of Nigeria’s largest secondary schools.

If you open a tutoring center in a university, polytechnic, or college, you never know what it may become in the near future.

Because it will require little or no financial input, a recent graduate can start a tutoring center. The Academy was mostly for people studying for NECO, WAEC, UTME, and Post-UTME examinations.

Solved previous exam papers are available for purchase.

Sold previous question papers are another fantastic business option for Nigerian clever and brilliant students. If you’re not smart enough to answer problems on your own, you may hire other smart students to help you solve previous issues in exchange for a stipend.

After you’ve completed the previous questions, modify the solutions such that they can’t be readily replicated. To avoid plagiarism, you might acquire an ISBN and publish solved past question papers before you start selling.

However, this sort of company concept comes with a stumbling block. You’ll need money to print and publicize the solved previous question papers. The easiest approach to overcome this problem is to seek sponsorship to aid in the publication of your book.

Mini Level Cafe and Business Centers

Mini Computer Business Centre is a profitable business concept for university, polytechnic, or college students. To establish this company at your school, you’ll need to contact the student union government or whoever is in charge of renting space on campus.

A small computer business center will be less expensive than a regular computer business center. You may start this business as a student with a 1 in 3 HP LaserJet for photocopying, printing, and scanning, as well as a table, chair, and potentially a small generator plant.

However, if you want to open a normal computer business center rather than a tiny computer business center, you may check into the costs of doing so and see if it is something you can do.

Repairing phones is a company that specializes in it.

You can establish a mobile phone repair business in your school if you’re a student with technical skills in phone repair. You can bargain with someone who does have the expertise to instruct you on how to repair mobile phones even if you don’t have it (on your leisure time). This will cost you very little if anything at all.

Cleaning using a dryer

One of the simplest student business ideas is dry cleaning. Combining a dry cleaning business with academics, on the other hand, takes a lot of effort. You must provide prompt service to your consumers.

You might establish a dry cleaning service for other students or collect filthy clothes from other students and carry it to a launderette for a fee. As a student, you may run this business on weekends and free nights, so it won’t interfere with your academics.

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At your level, other students will not expect you to buy a washing machine. To begin started, all you need is one or two containers or two rooms, as well as a washing basin.

Making beads

In Nigeria, bead manufacturing and design is an excellent business to start as a student. This business concept may be perceived as discriminatory or gender-sensitive; it is frequently referred to as a women’s or ladies business. In Nigeria, beaded necklaces are becoming increasingly popular.

Hand beads and bead necklaces are worn with most Nigerian traditional outfits. To thrive in the bead manufacturing industry, you must understand several bead knitting and creating styles.

You can knit/make the following sorts of beads:

  • Bead necklace with knots
  • Earrings with beads, bracelets with beads
  • Purse with beads
  • Handbags with beads
  • Belts with beads
  • Tie with beads
  • Vases with beaded flowers

Decorator for special occasions

Any Nigerian student can start a company by decorating events on weekends and other occasions. If you enjoy fashion and are a talented designer, event decoration may be a wonderful fit for you. All you have to do is keep an eye out for forthcoming events.

You may need to master current decoration skills to get started as an event decorator. The following events can teach you how to decorate:

  • Marriages held in the traditional manner
  • Wedding supper Love supper
  • Ceremonies of naming
  • Birthday celebrations Graduation celebrations
  • Celebration of a child’s dedication

Rather than purchasing new decorating materials and equipment, you may start a decoration business by renting them. For a newcomer to the industry, this is considerably less expensive.


For students who like working online, freelancing is one of the greatest business options. You can provide the following freelance services based on your ability and expertise:

  • Writing for a living
  • Creating a website
  • SEO service
  • Graphics design

As a freelancer, you may always get CV-pimping experience to improve your credentials. On platforms like Upwork, IWriter, and Freelancer, you may post freelance jobs. For Nigerians, these are the finest freelancing sites.

Creating visuals

One of the business possibilities you’ll love as a student in graphic design. However, you must receive instruction in Corel Draw, Photoshop, and pain management.

One of the business possibilities you’ll love as a student in graphic design. However, before you can be good at graphic design, you must have training in the usage of Corel Draw, Photoshop, paint, and other programs.

A laptop and, on occasion, internet connectivity is required to establish a graphic design business. If you believe you have what it takes to start graphic design, market yourself as a graphic designer on campus and among your peers to begin receiving employment. You may also build a website or provide graphic design services as a freelancer.

Survey for a fee

Paid surveys are not a business concept, but as a student in Nigeria, you may make money by completing surveys online. You may join a number of Nigerian online paid survey services. They are as follows:

  • Mobrog
  • Triaba
  • ThePanelStation
  • PaidViewPoint
  • Opinion World
  • Wrapping up

Start an online paid survey job as a student if you don’t have or know of any company ideas.

Second-hand textbooks are available for purchase.

Another simple business option for students in Nigeria is the sale of used textbooks. The majority of Nigerian students are unable to afford the cost of a fresh new textbook. You’ll make quick money selling used textbooks to these kids at the start of the new semester.

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When you know how to execute it, this type of company concept may be quite successful. You may also run this business while still in school and maintain a decent GPA. One advantage of this company is that it may be started with little or no money.


Since the introduction of phones and tablets, the photography business is no longer as profitable as it once was. This company, though, is still paying to some extent. To start this type of company, all you need is a digital camera and a passport developer.

Mini importation through the internet

Starting an online small importation business as a student is a lucrative online business concept. One of the advantages of starting a micro importation business is that you can get started with as little as 20,000 naira (20K). As a student, you may import thousands of goods ranging from fashions, clothing, and gadgets.

In jiji Nigeria, you may sell your items.

Jiji is a website where you may buy and sell items. You may sell used phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, wristwatches, and other electrical devices, as well as clothes.

There are numerous more websites where you may sell items online that are comparable to Jiji Nigeria. You are free to sign up for any other Jiji-like website.

Dropshipping is a term that refers to

Dropshipping company is a new business strategy for entrepreneurs with a strong internet marketing background. Because you don’t need to stock the items/products you’re selling, you may start a dropshipping business with little money.

Launching a website that supports a dropshipping business model is the quickest method to succeed in the dropshipping industry.

Using a simple e-commerce platform like Shopify is a good example. You don’t need to be a tech whiz to get started with Shopify, and there are lots of applications to assist you get started and improve sales.

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There are numerous strategies to attract potential customers, but the most successful is to launch a Facebook ad campaign and a student sale marketing campaign.

This allows you to start making sales and earning money right now. You’ll be able to put your offer in front of a highly targeted audience on Facebook.

Sell used clothing and handbags

First grade is being sold. First-grade clothing is OK. Okrika bags and shoes is one of the most popular business ideas on college campuses. Nigerians love to buy used garments since they are inexpensive and long-lasting.

If you’re still in school, you’ll agree. The most popular marketing methods are door to door (hostel to hostel) and web marketing.

Creating an e-newsletter for the university

For students on campus, creating a campus e-newsletter is a smart business concept. Take advantage of sponsored advertisements from local businesses, or make arrangements to give discounts and competitions to readers.

Student Union Activities and campus events will be included in the campus e-newsletter, but only to a limited extent.


The waiter is not so much a business possibility as it is a profession. It is intended for young students who have good interpersonal skills. Waiters are required by the majority of event planners and businesses that frequently run sales promotions.

You can work as a waiter in the Conference program, Restaurant program, Wedding feast program, and Love feast program outside of sales promotion.

Business of MC/DJ

MC/DJ is the last but not least on this list of business possibilities for students in Nigeria. Starting as a director of social (DOS) or going through training to gain skills is typically a smart idea.

You may also learn MC/DJ abilities by attending a professional MC/entertainment DJ’s program/shows/outing. The above are some of Nigeria’s greatest student business possibilities.

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However, if you wish to come up with your own company concept, you may also look at effective ways for generating fresh company ideas. No matter how serious your academics are, if you’ve ever gone bankrupt in school, you’ll find reasons to start a business.

While starting a business as an undergraduate might be extremely gratifying, it can also be the most challenging endeavor you’ve ever undertaken if you don’t start with the appropriate business concept.

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