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Pidgin Version: Few Tips on how you Go Fit Develop Profitable Business Ideas

Hello and welcome to WealthPreneurship with Adus Michael. I say make I touch light some business ideas way dey very profitable in case you go like start something new to kick start your own entrepreneurship journey.

Everything way your eyes fit see, from the device way you take dey listen or read this article on, to the internet connection way make am possible to access my site, the chair way you take sit-down, the floor way you stand on, etc.

Everything don make and is still dey make somebody to dey very rich as you dey read dis my article. Just think about it; touch light the matter yourself. It all started with an idea.

Having an idea is the very first step in developing and starting your own business.

Watin I mean be say, for you to become an entrepreneur nor be something way you go just rush start o or jump into. You need to get not just an idea, but a profitable business idea. That one na the very first step way go make you start to dey make money.

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Now, for this ogbonge tips on how you fit develop profitable business ideas, and how you go take get started sharp sharp – to becoming a successful entrepreneur. I go show you not just how – to develop the ideas them, but how to develop ideas that are perfect for you.

E Go Good Make You First Identify a Need

Watin I mean be say, making money simply involves identifying a problem or need and proffering a solution. Na the koko of the matter be that! Simply look around you, your locality, your area, you must see a problem in your immediate environment.

People unconsciously need a service or product, just imagine say na you they supply watin this people them need. If you still they think am, better fill up that space before another person think am.

Because this kind of idea nor dey magnected to you, once God show am to you and you stay there they dull, another person go just start solving that problem or meeting to the needs of your environs including yours.

Make You Get Ready Proffer a Solution to the Problem/Need.

You need to be the solution to that problem. And when them see that na you provide practical solutions for the matter, that one na stepping stone to your entrepreneurial story.

E get one of my friend like that who is now a CEO of a transport company, from just helping his friend who ship things from abroad to this country, but needed someone he can trust to help him hold ground as per, he stays outside the country. ideas

From hiring truck to convain his friends goods to there various location, one day he get this idea that instead make him dey hire trucks every time, why not make him get him own and use am to transport this goods for that him friend.

Today that idea don give pickin to 21 trucks who not just solve problem for one person but multiple clients in need. Profitable business ideas are all about the solutions way them fit help bring to the problems/needs people have.

Watin You Dey Passionate About?

Again, this one goes without saying. If you interview 100 successful entrepreneurs, at least 70% of them go tell you say they are doing something way them dey very passionate about.

Most of our featured entrepreneurs say the same thing. What are your passions? Identifying your passions dey outside the scope of this article. A lot has been written on the subject. I urge you to read up on it.

Develop Profitable Business Ideas Through Your Skills/Talents

In his book Talent is Never Enough, author and motivational speaker, John C. Maxwell, explains the difference between skills and talents. It’s one book I encourage every aspiring entrepreneur to read.

Find out the things way you dey very good at, and apply the right leverage and there are lots of great business ideas there waiting for you. Try make you look for this book; how to make a goldmine out of your hobbies.

Discuss With the Right Minds.

You know people who are optimists and constructive critics, not the dream-killers. You could churn out great business ideas with better prospects just by being in their company and talking with them.

Them say two good heads are better than one, make I place emphasis on ‘good’. They could turn out to be your partners or even first members of staff.

Your Environment

Your environment get plenty things to say about how profitable your ideas go be. For instance, it is a great business idea to sell electricity generating plants/sets in Nigeria but you will die of hunger and poverty if you consider doing such business in the UK or other developed countries. 9ja I hail o!

Times and Trends

In addition to your environment, time (era) is another important factor. You nor go fit decide to go into a business in which the products/services are now obsolete. A good business idea in 2021 will not stay relevant in 2025.

And there you have it, a few tips way you fit use for developing profitable business ideas. Remember say having ideas nor just dey enough. You need to act on the ideas you get.

According to David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, never allow yourself to get the same ideas twice. Once you apply this few tips and get the right ideas to start your business, it is up to you make you take action and start your journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Thank you for reading till the end. It simply tells me that you are not ready to settle for less. To help you stay connected with me and my blog, here is the link to my Android Mobile App from Google Play Store, Please Download and install.

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