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Create a Free WordPress Website For Practice Purpose Only

Create a free website and professional tasting environment using a free platform. These platforms make it super easy to create professional-looking sites for no money at all.

With these free website platforms, you get most of the features you need to get your site up and running through WordPress.

TasteWP is a relatively new online WordPress sandboxing service. Users can create a new WordPress instance in a couple of seconds using the site.

Free Website

These kinds of web-based sandboxes have been popular for a long time since they are easy to set up and deactivate while testing a plugin or theme.

It’s more convenient than setting up a local development environment, which many casual WordPress users have neglected to do.

Free Website

TasteWP’s advanced setup screen for a new WordPress instance you can alternatively join up first, which will give you a seven-day extension on the expiration period of your sites, rather than the usual two days for non-logged-in users.

Use the “Advanced set-up” option to customize the new site to your specific needs.

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When creating a new site, users can choose from a variety of complex configuration options and pre-installed extensions, as well as set up multisite, choose a PHP version, and WordPress version. Later on, under site management, you can alter the PHP version.

Free Website

What Exactly Is A Development Environment?

Tastewp is mostly used as a development environment for testing new plugins/themes without putting your actual site at risk. They are not a new concept, and there are a number of free options available. I’ll offer a couple of solutions I’ve experimented with at the end of this piece.

If you’re still not sure why you need a development environment, here are a few reasons that apply to my situation.

I use them to rapidly test out new plugins or themes when I don’t want to set up a fresh WordPress installation in my hosting or fire up a local install.

Client work: I’ll occasionally use it to show a prospective client how their website will appear once I’ve worked on it (as opposed to using local by a flywheel which l find limited when it comes to showing the website to a client)

For tutorials: I have a YouTube channel where I post WordPress tutorials, and these settings make it easy for me to get up and running quickly.

Free Website: Starting At The Beginning

In a matter of seconds, you can set up your first WordPress installation. Simply go to TasteWP’s main page and click “set it up.” You’ll be redirected to your new playing field in a matter of seconds. That’s all there is to it.

After you round up developing your site using the link to signup, you will need to backup the website then go to our web hosting platform to get your Hosting + Domain name + Free SSL certificate to have your privacy most especially when you are developing the site for a client.


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