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A Content Strategy for Service-Based Businesses on Instagram

Learn how to plan and design Instagram posts to help your service-based businesses establish a strong visual presence in this article. Is your company a service provider? If yes then trying to figure out how to make Instagram work for you will be the best option.

Instagram: Plan Out Your Content Mix

It’s all about making connections on social media for service-based businesses. You want to assist, provide value, and tell your brand story in such a way that the right people can relate to you, trust you, and want to do business with you.

To meet those objectives, use each set of nine squares on your Instagram feed to tell a story, because when it comes to content planning, the 4:3:2 rule is a solid starting point:

• Each of your four posts should provide value to your target client.

• Your ideal client should be able to connect with three of your postings.

• Your service should be promoted or sold in two postings.

Rather than simply pushing your services at your followers, this content combination helps you build a good relationship with them and allows them to get to know you.

Because when it comes to coming up with ideas for each of these overarching Instagram post themes, service-based businesses must be inventive. Here’s how to write intriguing captions, schedule your posts, and collect high-quality graphics.

Instagram: Plan a Few Posts That Will Be Useful.

These posts should educate, entertain, and/or inform your readers in order to deliver value.

Instagram: Tips to Educate

If you run a service-based company that sells your knowledge, give advice to your ideal clients on how to solve their difficulties. For fear of hurting your business, don’t be hesitant to give out your greatest advice or specialist information.

Businesses on Instagram

Because people will require additional context in order to understand their own particular circumstances, which is where your commercial chances reside.

You may create authority as an expert in your field by providing helpful recommendations, so when your followers need a service like yours, you’ll be the obvious choice.

Entertain with a Sense of Humor

If it’s appropriate for your brand, use humor to entertain your audience because this strategy can be extremely helpful for firms that are generally uninteresting and lack a strong aesthetic component.

Quotes to Inspire

There’s a reason why so many businesses use Instagram to share motivational quotes: they work. This has to do with the psychology of why consumers buy.

When a potential client comes to your firm with a need (for example, business coaching, social media platforms, or a written statement), it’s frequently the result of a nagging dream or worry.

If you’re a virtual assistant, for example, your client may need to outsource some administrative work right away. However, when they dig deeper, they long for more time to work on their company rather than in it.

Instagram: What Will That Period of Time Bring Them?

Perhaps the chance to develop an empire and, as a result, be financially secure and have more time to spend with their children. Because of this type of business, creating inspiring quotes that connect to time would most likely be a highly effective technique.

Inspirational quotations also have the advantage of being easily shared, allowing you to reach a larger audience and expand your business. The League of Extraordinary Women is one service-based company that achieves this exceptionally effectively on Instagram.

They’ve grown their Instagram account to almost 100K followers by posting inspirational content aligned with their target audience’s dreams.

A networking group for early-stage female entrepreneurs, they’ve grown their Instagram account to almost 100K followers by posting inspirational content aligned with their target audience’s dreams.

Make Few Posts That Relate to Your Target Audience.

Your Instagram content strategy should include three posts that assist your audience to connect with your service-based business while also showcasing your brand personality. Here are a few examples of how to go about doing that.

Showcase the Culture of the Company

What drives you and your company to succeed?

How would you describe the culture?

What’s going on behind the scenes that can help customers relate to your company a little better?

Documenting your company culture gives your Instagram account vitality and allows you to connect with your target client. For example, Hootsuite’s Instagram account frequently posts behind-the-scenes glimpses into the company’s operations.

Because in a service-based business that is delicate in nature (for example, dj services), this is a terrific strategy since you can focus on your people and values rather than the day-to-day operations.

Instagram: Tell a Tale

Your company’s brand personality can be expressed through digital storytelling. So, how does it function? For example, if you work in finance, you may relate tales about your customers, people you enjoy dealing with, why you do what you do, and so on.



Just Digital People, a digital recruitment firm, uses creative storytelling to showcase their unique brand personality by telling stories about their employees and the experiences of their recruitment team.

Prepare Few Posts to Promote Your Service.

Two of your Instagram content theme’s posts might be devoted to marketing. Why are there just two of them? Because Instagram isn’t primarily a commerce platform.

It’s a brand platform, and it’s especially vital for service-based firms to build a relationship before selling.

TruGreen’s Instagram postings consistently add value and build relationships, earning them the right to offer their services to a wider audience on occasion.

Enhance Your Visual Resources

Let’s look at how non-visual service-based firms can generate and curate engaging photography to suit their organization now that you have your Instagram content themes set.

Consider Hiring a Professional Photographer.

Investing in high-quality photographs to display your employees, tools of your trade, business locations, and day-to-day life helps you connect with your audience and gives you a gallery of images to draw from.

Don’t scrimp on quality by using grainy smartphone images taken in poor light. What does it say about your business and services if the photographs you share are of poor quality and unprofessional?

Instagram: Create Your Own Graphics

With minimal technical talent or expertise, a visual design tool like Canva makes it simple to create high-quality Instagram pictures and more. Personal accounts are also completely free. Canva is a fantastic tool for producing custom branded Instagram quotes.

You’ll be offered a variety of template designs to choose from once you’ve signed up and logged in. Choose the Social Media graphic design type, which is tailored to Instagram’s design requirements.

Next, select a template or create one from scratch. Canva has hundreds of layout templates that you can customize to fit your needs. Simply download your design after you’re finished, and you’re good to go.

Curate Stock Photographs

If you require stock photos for Instagram, there are a variety of free stock sites where you may choose images that best represent your brand and aesthetic.

Pexels is one of the best. Simply go to the website and type in the image kind you’re looking for. After that, you’ll view a gallery of photographs related to your search.

The ability to search by color is another interesting Pexels feature. To arrange photos by color preference, simply click Browse in the top navigation bar and select Browse by Color.

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Create Captions That Appeal to and Convert Your Target Audience.

Well-crafted Instagram captions are vital for service-based businesses that aren’t inherently visual. Captions allow you to express your company’s story, build familiarity and trust with your followers, and invite them to participate, interact, and do business with you when they are thoughtfully produced.

A fantastic caption that connects and converts has three vital characteristics.

Tell a Tale

You need to flex your wordsmithing muscles as a service-based firm to provide people insights into what you bring to the table in terms of your personality, business, and services.

Be Open to Dialogue.

Nothing is more annoying than a clumsy caption that doesn’t go with the image. Know your customers inside and out, and craft captions that endear them to you and the services you offer. Be open, honest, and talkative.

Instead of blasting an impersonal message out to a large group of people, pretend you’re writing to just one person.

Include a call to action in your message.

A caption isn’t complete until it includes a call to action at the end, often known as a call to action. There are two main forms of calls to action (or “asks”), each with its own goal.

Small requests are when you ask your followers to do things like, comment, save, mention, and so on. Small requests have two advantages.

First, if people execute your desired action, they enhance your algorithm rating because good interaction is one of the characteristics Instagram analyzes when ranking posts and accounts. Second, they train your audience to engage with you (which leads them to take action on your bigger asks).

Here are a few examples of simple requests:

• Share this with someone who should see it!

• Leave a remark introducing yourself.

• If you agree, double-tap.

• So, what’s your…?

• Is there anyone else who adores X…?

This is an example of a modest request on the Planoly Instagram account that encourages people to interact with the post.

Big requests are when you ask your followers to do something that moves them closer to doing business with you without explicitly asking for a sale. Some instances are as follows:

• Interested in learning more? Check out the blog article using the link in my bio!

• Subscribe to our newsletter to get first-hand tips

• Go to my channel to get this for that

• To get my website (link in bio).

On the Think BOLD business mentorship Instagram account, this is an example of a huge ask. They invite their followers to visit their website, bringing them one step closer to making a purchase.

It’s critical to make full use of your captions in order to properly sell your non-visual service-based business. You’ll produce strong captions that connect and convert if you include these crucial aspects in your posts.

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Conclusion: Instagram

Without the luxury of a visible physical product to display or highlight, one of the most difficult difficulties for service-based businesses is how to develop a social media presence. It’s especially tough for firms in industries where visual imagery isn’t typically associated, such as professional services.

Non-visual service-based businesses may overcome these hurdles and realize the benefits of a strong Instagram presence by identifying content themes, creating high-quality visual material, and writing captions that connect and convert.

What are your thoughts? Do you utilize any of these Instagram marketing strategies to promote your service-based business? What advice do you have for me?

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