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3 Kind Question Wey You Suppose Answer Before You Go Start To Dey Blog

You for don hear the thing wey people dey talk about make you get your own blog, and why you go need make you shine your eyes wella. Na truth this talk be for person wey wan begin dey go blogging work.

If you siddon relax answer these questions so begore you start wetin we dey call blogging, you go save yourself plenty wahala as you dey chase your dream…

  1. Wetin be the reason ‘why’ you wan start to dey blog?

Your reason na im go dey push you dey go even when to frustrate wan do you to put am for one side. If you don sabi why you wan blog before you start am, e go do you plenty better.

No jump this question pass… Before you go start to dey blog, you go need sabi why you dey do am

Your reason na im go dey push you dey go even when to frustrate wan do you to put am for one side. If you don sabi why you wan blog before you start am, e go do you plenty better. E no dey compulsory say make you sabi ‘how’you go do am, but e dey very important make you sabi WHY you dey do am.

E get 4 reasons wey everybody sabi if you wan dey blog:

  • To dey write story wey dey about your life abi wetin your eyes don see put for the blog.
  • To start blog wey go teach person on how e go do something wey im dey try tey tey.
  • You fit start blog wey go be say na about business you go dey write.
  • Your own got fit be to dey sell something abi to dey make money.

Abeg make we talk am better so e go dey clear…

To start blog wey go teach person on how e go do something wey im dey try tey tey

Na this kind blog people dey do pass. This kind style of blogging dey teach, train abi educate na one kind way to change the world wey we dey live so.

When you start to dey teach through your blog, you go dey reason how you go dey solve problems. People wey dey read am get problem wey say na you fit solve.

The solution wey you go give them fit be in form of advice abi you fit do course wey go dey help them as them dey go.

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The kind people wey dey start these kind blog dey like to learn and dem no dey selfish with wetin they know; them dey share and na their type dey enjoy to dey helep people and dey sure say them succeed.

Na me that line dey describe. As I be so, I LOVE make I helep people know wetin go make their level pass wetin e be now and the power wey I put for inside this thing na to make them understand

  • Wetin you dey really good at- something wey everybody know say na you sure pass at that end?
  • Wetin be that topic wey no gree give you sleep if you never learn abi read about am?
  • Wetin be that thing wey you fit talk about so tey e no go tire you?
  • Wetin be that skill wey you learn as you dey work abi through wetin dey give you joy?

If you don get better answer to all these questions so, you go need create your course wey you go dey sell give person as per solution wey you get.

To dey write story wey dey about your life abi wetin your eyes don see put for the blog:

Blog wey be say na experience base no too get anything to do with teaching. E no matter wetin your history be, you go still get wetin you go wan share. This kind blog dey creative and people dey follow am plenty.

You dey among people wey don live raz life abi you don enjoy am as e dey go? Abi you na survivor you be for sickness, you just comot for relationship wey no dey pay?

Shey na big fish for your business you be? Abi you don fail for life so tey you don reach level wey be say you fit tell people wetin them no suppose do…

E get some example wey you fit dey blog about:

  • Blog wey dey about travel
  • E fit be about person wey survive marriage wahala/ or about marriage and pikin
  • Your blog fit be about people wey get diabetes (this one fit dey educational depending on wetin you want)
  • Wetin you no suppose do for work
  • How you take achieve your fitness

You fit start blog wey go be say na about business you go dey write

Shey you get business wey you dey do online abi you na service provider you be? I dey get joy to help people wey get small business , so I dey always think of people wey get shops and eatery abi shey na canteen, people wey dey train, entrepreneurs plus marketers

People dey use blog for business, some dey use am show people wetin dey fit do so them go blow quick quick. You suppose know wetin your goals be.

Shey you wan generate leads wey dey plenty, you wan sell service online, you wan show yourself for on top social media, abi you just wan dey observe and monitor your website?

If you dey blog for business, it mean say everything wey you go dey write no go pass things wey dey related to business and the kind question customers fit dey ask.

As per wetin I dey talk, na some examples be this

Personal Trainer: the kind thing wey you go discuss go be about health, fitness and food. The goal na to teach and make people wey dey read sabi say you fit help them to dey better

Plumber: One kind better idea for blog wey dey about blogging na to dey record video wey go show how people fit solve plumbing wahala.

E go show people wey dey read wetin you ma sef sabi, e go also epp them trust and respect and you no dey always receive calls wey go concern how them go dey fix their wayo all the time.

Online store: to dey review products abi coupons fit be good topic or matter for online store.

If you dey build trust and respect, people fit buy from you

Start blog wey go fetch you money

I fit say 30% of people wey be blooggers wey me and them don follow work together wan make even if na shikini money from their blog, even if na the one wey go do cover anything they wan buy.

Out of them, 5% wan comot from the job wey dem dey run from office change to dey work from their house as them dey do online job from their house!

To dey make money online no dey difficult. It depend on if you fit work hard and dey ready to learn. E dey SIMPLE but e no dey always EASY.

To dey make money as you dey blog no be something wey go happen abi something wey carry magic, many people go wan talk say e dey easy.

E no get 30-day plan, no strategy wey person dey do for back and e no get guarantee. But as e be o, e dey possible to earn plenty money as you dey blog like me I dey do.

Na here I go dey give you statement wey go make ‘powers wey dey at work’ happy…


I no go fit guarantee how much money you go fit dey make as you dey blog or even if you go dey successful sef. Na example we just dey give.

The chances wey you get to earn as you dey blog depend on you abd wetin you put together as effort 100%

Na im be that o…

I dey make money wey plenty from blogging and I even sabi my padi dem wey dey make more tha me! The thing no gree give me chance and it take me almost 3 years to dey blog steady, promote as I dey upgrade wetin I sabi to reach that level.

As e get plenty people wey sabi, them go even promise you say you fit blow in just few months… na wash, na your money they want.

Overgood dey worry their training, but the time no go dey okay for person wey just dey learn blogging work- e get too many things to learn. I no fit tell you how long e go reach for person to get success for blogging. The truth be say, if you wan learn and work hard, e dey easy and na you fit determine am.

How you go make money as you dey blog

E dey possible to make money from your blog and e get plenty advantage. All these things wey I dey yan so depend on you and wetin you wan achieve.

 Na some kind ways to make money I list so.

Direct Advertisers

E get some kind individual, bloggers or some big company wey go pay you to do advertisement abi to write review for your blog where you go feature their product or service.

This thing dey very lucrative and the time you start to dey gather traffic with like 10k visitors every month, people go find you. You no need to dey beg.

Affiliate Marketing

Big companies like Amazon, ShareASale, ClickBank, and JVZoo get plenty connection wey deal with services and product wey you fit promote on your blog for money.

Ad networks

The most recognizable ad network is Google AdSense. They connect advertisers with content publishers (bloggers) to place ads on your blog. Unlike traditional affiliate networks, they control what ads to run on your site. This is an excellent option to set it up once and forget it. Talk about passive income!

Create and Sell Your Own Product or Service

This is where the real money is made. Create your own product or service to sell to your readers. It will convert better because they already know and trust you. It will make you more money because you get to keep it all – duh! So start thinking about a product or service that you can offer in the future.

What WIll You Blog About?

You don’t have to know everything up front, but before you start blogging you should give some thought to what you will blog about and how you will present yourself to the world.

Sometimes you’ll hear this referred to as your niche. It’s your primary focus, what you will blog about the most. Your niche/topic will drive everything you write about and share on your blog.

Pick A Blogging Topic – Passions Vs. Money Makers

There are two schools of thought on picking a good blogging niche…

Blog About Your Passions

Some people say that you should choose something you are passionate about because that’s what gets you out of bed every morning and motivates you to write high-quality

While that is a great thought, if your passion is underwater basket weaving, you are unlikely to make a great income blogging about it. One often overlooked component in blogging is that you need to be able to nd related products to promote to your customer base in order to make money.

Blog For Money

There are those who say you should ONLY pick topics that are known money makers whether you are passionate about them or not. That will only work if your true passion is making money! Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself bored and uninspired – that’s no way to live…

I personally believe that it should be BOTH. You want to be certain that thousands (if not millions) of other people share your enthusiasm and interest in the topic and will pay money for products and/or services that you have to takeover in the niche from time to time.

Even if you’re not interested in making money from your blog, I am assuming that you at least want other people to read it – yes? Then the same rules apply.

Write down your top 3 ideas that you are passionate about and think you want to blog about.

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And then, do at least some research up front to make sure there are at least 1000’s (hopefully millions) of other people interested in your topic and are willing to pay money for products and services.

If no one else is searching for your topic, cross that one o . (We’ll get into how to do this research in another article.)

Even if you currently don’t want to make money from your blog, I am still assuming that you at least want people to read it – yes?

What Kind Of Blog Do You Want To Create?

Not only do you need to consider your topic before you start blogging, you’ll want to consider the type of blog you want to have. Each of these types of blogs has a di erent layout, personality, and publishing requirements.

  • News Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Advice Blog
  • Recipe Blog
  • Travel Blog
  • Story Blog
  • Review Blog
  • Ecommerce Blog
  • Lifestyle Blog

Knowing how and what you want to blog before you start blogging will make you a far more successful blogger!

What Kind Of Blogger Do You Want To Be?

When you first start thinking of starting a blog, you may not completely understand your “online persona” but once again, you’ll at least want to give it some thought.

Your “Blogging Persona”

Your “blogging persona” can impact everything about your blog and the way you present yourself to the world.

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The style in which you write your blog posts, how often you publish those posts, where to share them on social media, and even how long (how many words) to make your blog posts will all be affected by your “blogging persona.”

Here are a few possible “blogging personas” to help get you started…


You are the ultimate source of knowledge on your particular topic and you want to be acknowledged for your expertise. Your blog posts will be very focused, very detailed, and often quite long. These days an expert post can easily exceed 300o – 5000 words and that’s perfectly OK. Gone are the days of 300-word “link bait” articles.


The helper personas are the Reviewers, Do It Yourself, and how to bloggers (I tend to fall in this category). You want to help other people solve their problems in whatever way possible.


You have a story to tell! You’re writing is creative and owy and your blog posts may cover many di erent topics from your wedding day to your adventures remodeling your home. Wherever your inspiration leads you, that’s what you write about.


You want to become a blogger for one simple reason – promote your business and make money. You’re not in it for the passion. You’re in it for the money.


Whether it’s beauty, fashion, technology, politics, or natural foods, if it’s news and it’s happening now, you know about it want to write about it. You tend to post shorter posts more frequently with lots and lots of pictures to help tell your story.

There are many more “blogging personas” so take the time upfront to understand who you are before you start blogging. Look at other bloggers in your niche to see how they write and format their posts and website as a whole.

It will save you and your readers a lot of frustration and confusion later down the road. Seriously, can you imagine going to a technical product review site where the “reviewer” proceeds to tell you about the incredible fashion show she went to last night

How Much Time Can You Realistically Commit When You Start Blogging?

How much time do you really have that you can commit to blogging every day? It’s important to be realistic.

This is the single biggest point of failure for new bloggers! They commit to 5 hours per day thinking they will be successful in 2 weeks… When in reality, they’ll be lucky to get in 5 hours per week – and becoming a successful blogger takes months, maybe even years for some.

Don’t be that guy! Before you start blogging, take a serious look at your schedule – work, family, exercise, all of it. How much time do you really have to dedicate to your blog?

Set Reasonable Expectations For Yourself And Your Blog

If it’s only 1-2 hours per week, that’s great, but it’s unreasonable to expect that you’ll publish 3 posts per week in that one single hour. I recommend giving yourself 2-3 hours per blog post, at least in the beginning.

You’ll also need time to get your site looking the way you want and time to learn new skills. Don’t expect to know it all right out of the gates – that’s a recipe for frustration and disaster!

My Recommendations

Set the goal of writing one high-quality post per week and if you find that’s too easy, then try for 2 posts per week. Depending on your topic and your “blogging persona”, that may be more than enough.

If you’re like me, you can also batch write your posts. I love to sit down on a Sunday morning and just write until my brain hurts, then I’m done for the week.

Dedicate at least 1 hour per week to learning a new skill related to blogging. SEO is my first choice, but Social Media, working with images, and learning how to become an amazing writer is also very important.

Limit yourself to no more than 3 hours to get your site looking the way you want. It’s far too easy to spend hours, days, weeks, even months tweaking the way your blog looks, and honestly, as long as your blog is well organized with a clean design, that’s all you need.

Focus those 3 hours on designing your categories and setting up your menus. Those are the keys to your success.

It’s critical when you start blogging to create habits and be consistent with your posting schedule, so don’t overschedule yourself. That’s just going to stress you out. Time management and consistency are your new best friends!

OK, NOW You’re Ready To Start Blogging…

Thank you for reading till the end. It simply tells me that you are not ready to settle for less. To help you stay connected with me and my blog, here is the link to my Android Mobile App from Google Play Store, Please Download and install.

Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel here. And follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page. In case you will need to speak with me via Whatsapp related to ICT consultation. Please share around and drop your comment suggestion below.

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